Apple users take note. The California based company will be introducing a trade-in plan soon to help Apple customers take advantage of the newest iPhone available. The scheme is intended to help iPhone owners let go of the old and grab hold of the new model, so to speak. Apple will be partnering with Brightstar Corp. Apple has partnered with Brightstar in the past on trade-in promotions sold by T-Mobile and AT&T. The trade-in plan will be the first for Apple and will take place in Apple brick and mortar stores. The company already offers a recycling plan which makes it possible for owners of gadgets to trade-in older devices in exchange for gift cards.

Apple sees this as a win-win proposition for itself and its loyal customer base. While Apple is able to offer the latest phones to its customers, current iPhone users can always have a new model handset in their hands. The trade-in program is expected to start later this month.

Israel Ganot, CEO of online gadgets trade-in firm Gazelle, commented on the Apple trade-in program, saying: “They’ve always positioned

[the program] as a sustainability initiative as opposed to a marketing initiative. What’s new here is that it’s going to be done in store.”

Ganot added: “It’s a great way for Apple to get their best customers to upgrade more frequently and more affordably by providing a credit for the old device that they wouldn’t use anyway.”

Apple has been a global leader in the gadget market for years. The company made mobile music revolutionary with the introduction of the iPod years ago, and followed that creation up with the iPod Touch. The Touch has just surpassed 100 million units sold. On the communications side, the company introduced the Apple iPhone and started a global wave of hype. Now the iPad has become one of the most popular items the company has ever released. With powerful laptops also available, there is something for every gadget enthusiast in every Apple store.

Gadgets from Apple are not just buying decisions for an electronic gadget, but a true brand choice. There is a noticeable subculture of Apple loyalists around the globe, and Apple has been a marketing genius creating such a strong fan base. Few brands anywhere carry such recognition as Apple.

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