Apple's latest iPad


Apple’s latest iPad

In this day and age, there are constantly leaks and rumours circulating the launch of a new product. And, arguably, the tech company that generates the most rumours is Apple — which is hardly surprising given the part they’ve played in changing the world of tech.

The Apple rumour mill seems to really kick up a gear around the time of Apple’s launches, which, for the last few years, have been in September.

Consumers have got used to this routine and the launches are exciting affairs, watched by many eager Apple fans.

So, it was a surprise to many that Apple’s first major product launch of 2017 came with such minimal fanfare.

Rather than the usual event launch, Apple announced its new iPad through a press release.

If Apple haven’t given this iPad the usual launch, is it even worth getting excited about? If you’ve been waiting for an update to the iPad Air 2 or even a cheap iPad, then we’d say it is.

Is this the iPad Air 3?

If you’re waiting for the next instalment of the iPad Air range, then you might be disappointed. This isn’t the latest iPad Air. In fact, with this release, we’re not even sure if Apple is continuing with the iPad Air range.

So, what exactly is this iPad? Well, that’s exactly it – it is an iPad. Not an iPad Air, not an iPad Pro, not an iPad Mini, simply just an iPad.

Design and features

Okay, so it doesn’t have a fancy name but that doesn’t mean the new iPad doesn’t have some fancy features.

The new iPad will only come in one size, 9.7-inch with a Retina display, but consumers will be able to choose from three colours: silver, gold or space grey.

The screen will also be LED-backlit and have a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. It runs on iOS 10 and comes with Apple’s A9 processor.

While the LTE version comes with Wi-Fi calling and a bundled Apple SIM, both models support Bluetooth 4.2 connections.

In terms of cameras, the primary camera has 8MP resolution with f/2.4 aperture and a five element lens, while the FaceTime HD camera is 1.2MP and has a wider f/2.2 aperture.


One of the biggest talking points of this new iPad is the cost. Unlike previous new launches, this latest iPad comes with a price cut. For the 32GB version with Wi-Fi, you’ll be looking at a price of £339. There will be a 128GB version available for £429, a 32GB cellular version at £469 and, the most expensive option available, a 128GB cellular version for £559.

And you don’t have long to wait: you’ll be able to order your new iPad on 24 March.


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