App by definition is a type of application software. This software enables a computer operating system to perform certain tasks. Mobile apps are software versions created for use with the associated mobile devices like smartphones tablets and laptops which can convert into tablets. The iOS and Android operating systems utilize apps for software to function. For example, if someone with a smartphone wanted to follow weather on their device they would download the Weather Channel app. Device makers boast about how many apps they can run to demonstrate how flexible their mobile products are to consumers. Apps are an important specification for any mobile device and should always be researched before purchasing a device. While purchasing a mobile device, don’t forget to realize the importance of strong gadget insurance.

Apple makes it possible to download a tremendous number of apps onto an Apple device which runs the iOS operating system. As of January 2013, the Apple iPhone store had 775,000 total apps available with 300,000 of those made for the iPad. Apps give the tablet or smartphone user the ability to get the most out of their device. App developers are designing new apps each day and it seems the possibilities are endless. Apps are available for everything from maps to games to photography assistance. The growth of apps in the market is no laughing matter, either. In January of 2008, only 800 apps were available in the iPhone store for download.

Blackberry recently launched their latest creation to compete on a global stage – the BB10. This smartphone has some great new features and should have no problem getting market share back from losing it with the latest attempt at a touchscreen Storm. The number of apps available is also no small peanuts. Consumers purchasing the newest Blackberry 10 will be privy to 15,000 apps from the onset. Blackberry expects that number will quickly rise as more apps are developed for the BB10 and its completely original OS. The latest Blackberry is not unlike other smartphones which are more vulnerable to damage and theft than ever before. Mobile phone insurance can help provide peace of mind when taking devices like this out and about.

Blackberry wanted to make sure there were plenty of apps to run on the latest platform. They held a Port-A-Thon two weeks before the BB10 actually hit the market. Over the course of a weekend, Blackberry recruited app developers to come demonstrate their work and earn cash in the process. The event was a success and several app developers walked away with not only money in hand but also an official invitation to the Europe launch of the Blackberry 10.

The new Blackberry is seeing good reviews hit the web and that is no surprise. The device has a user-friendly interface and a high megapixel camera. Along with the traditional red light indicating new messages and sweeping feature to view a snippet of message types, the phone should be quite a success. Gadget insurance would complement this smartphone nicely and can be obtained for only a few pounds per month.–