While smartphones have added a lot to consumers’ lives, offering an incredible level of connectivity from anywhere in the world, there are some problems the devices present that are particularly common.

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Recent polling by O2 found that 53% of people admit that using their smartphone makes their thumb tired, with 43% saying that they have actually experienced thumb pain within the last five years.

O2 pointed out that the average smartphone user spends 15 minutes on social networks every day, as well as 13 minutes gaming on the gadget and 24 minutes surfing the internet. That’s almost an hour a day twiddling their thumbs on their smartphone – it’s no wonder all this pressure causes people to experience thumb pain.

With all this smartphone use, it’s unsurprising that 66% of respondents said they would like thumbs that were speedier and more dextrous, and 41% said they have had to rest the digits when using their gadgets.

BMI Healthcare and O2 advised customers to keep the following tips in mind when playing with their devices:

–          Touch the keypad lightly

–          Keep nails short

–          Invest in a touch-screen smartphone

–          When possible, rest their forearms when using the phone

–          Don’t grip the smartphone too tightly

–          Keep a healthy neck position – neck problems and thumb problems could be linked

–          If suffering from thumb pain or related conditions, see a hand therapist

Thumb injuries are likely to increase as smartphones become increasingly common, so if you are worried about damaging your thumbs through smartphone use, keep the above tips in mind and you should be able to avoid hurting yourself.

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