It seems like just yesterday that the new age of smartphones was upon us. They were the newest, fastest most high tech devices to hit the market since the laptop. Now, the tablet is not only making its mark, but making a strong argument as the one device which everyone will be carrying by the year 2014. The tablet took serious strides toward that designation last month, as more tablet users utilized the BBC iPlayer last month to access their favorite movies, videos and TV shows than smartphone users. The tablet, which was introduced in the late 2000s, has now become an electronic device which is always widely popular among visitors to any coffee shoppe.

Tablets were the Christmas present of choice for many last year. The market of tablets has now expanded to include many models which are affordable to those who at one time saw the iPad as the only option. Now, tablets are affordable to many and the site of smartphone users who are also carrying a tablet is not uncommon.

Though the latest data indicates only 20% own tablets, compared with almost 60% who own smartphones, the BBC iPlayer was used 41 million times by tablet users last month. Smartphone owners used the player 40 million times last month.

The head of iPlayer, Dave Price, commented on the spike in user activity, saying: “It’s a huge moment for us. Whether it’s in bed, in the bath or on the train, tablets have opened up use cases for iPlayer that just weren’t there before.”

Tablets have created a new dimension in thoughts about a virtual office. They are enabling business to be carried out in coffee shoppes, book shoppes and anywhere else there is a Wi-Fi connection. No longer are the days in which business and other types of communication take place in an office. Communication can now be taken out and about and being tied to a desk is no longer even a thought.

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