Best apps for your Apple Watch

Best apps for your Apple Watch

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps for Apple Watch. But which are the ones worth getting?

To get the most out of your wearable, you need clever, well-designed apps that don’t require you to spend the entire time with your wrist in front of your face.

Instead of getting lost in the world of the iTunes app store, read on for a list of the apps you should download for your Apple Watch:


As we’ve become increasingly concerned with our health and fitness, we’ve turned attention to how much sleep we’re getting at night.

The free Sleep++ app tracks motion to work out how restless you are and at what times.

Users can now analyse the previous night’s sleep as soon as they wake up thanks to watchOS 3’s Background Refresh. You may have to find a time to charge your watch during the day, though.


For some reason, Calendar on Apple Watch still doesn’t allow users to create new entries. But as the Apple Watch is all about convenience, there is an app that can do it for you.

Using natural-language input, you can create events by saying something like “dinner with Lucy on Tuesday at 8pm”.

Download the app for £2.29.

Find Near Me

Continuing with the theme of convenience is Find Near Me. This simply-designed, free app provides users with a list of local amenities and stores.

As well as having Siri search integration, you can get reviews or directions by tapping an item on the list. Perfect if you’re exploring a new city.


Whether you’re exploring a new city or want travel updates for the city you live in, Citymapper can help.

This free app provides users with directions, access to favourite places, information about nearby trains, buses, ferries, including the times of upcoming trains, and small maps that link through to Apple’s Maps app.

The only downside is that it is currently set up for just a handful of (mainly) capital cities.


Offering more options than the Apple Camera Remote, the ProCamera app turns the Watch’s display into a viewfinder and shutter button for your iPhone. It also provides an easy selection of photo, lowlight mode, HDR or video, as well as the option to set a timer.

Some of its best features, such as Lowlight Plus and vividHDR, require in-app purchases of £2.49 each.

With the latest update for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there’s an option to switch between the Plus’s two lenses and Wide Colour Capture on both devices.


Notes is not yet available on Apple Watch, but Drafts is there to help you capture new notes by dictation. These are then saved into the Drafts inbox.

Users can browse the inbox and read notes on their Apple Watch, and the new watchOS 3 Scribble feature lets users write notes if they don’t fancy talking to their watch. Download it for £3.99.

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