Best apps to keep kids entertained when you travel this summer


Best apps to keep kids entertained when you travel this summer

Ah, the summer holidays – six full weeks where you don’t have to worry about the school run, homework or packed lunches.

For many parents, this also brings the much-needed vacation, the one you’ve been dreaming about since you booked it in the dreary winter months. But, in all the day-dreaming of sipping on exotic cocktails as you lounge by the beach, you’ve forgotten about that nightmare that can be travelling with kids.

Yes, before you can enjoy your Pina Colada you have to endure the stressful experience of travelling to your destination. Whether you’re flying or driving, there’s always the last-minute stress of sorting the house out while trying to get everyone out on time and panic that you’ve forgotten the passports.

And that’s before you even hit the traffic jams or hear your flight is facing a delay. And just to make that holiday feeling seem even further away, the kids have started to get restless. Thankfully, you can nip this in the bud by making sure these apps are downloaded on your mobile devices, ready to hand to them before the boredom sets in…

Toca Nature

Perfect for pre-schoolers, Toca Nature lets your kids explore nature without getting dirty. The app lets users build hills, dig channels for rivers and lakes, climb mountains and collect food to give to the different animals, learning who eats what.

This seemingly simple game, with its beautiful graphics, will have you reaching to play once your kids are asleep.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Who doesn’t love Gru and his adorable minions? With Minion Rush, kids of all ages can customise their Minion with costumes, weapons and power-ups to take on different missions that include dodging obstacles, riding the Fluffy Unicorn and defeating villains. Completion of these missions will earn new locations and different Minions.

There’s enough here to keep kids entertained no matter how long the delay!

Tempted to download it for yourself? No-one will judge you!


Have dreams for your kid to become the next Calvin Harris? Download the iOS-only Loopimal app to begin their obsession with electronic music.

Kids will learn how to make music by dragging coloured shapes into empty slots which triggers canned loops performed by cartoon creatures. Once this has been mastered, Stuff explains that the screen can be split to produce an animated Fab Four. You might just want to remember to pack headphones!

Monument Valley

After an app that takes a bit more thought? Monument Valley will have kids captivated as they try to work out how to outsmart the Crow People and help guide the silent princess Ida through the incredible, geometric architecture.

The app costs £3.99, which is quite expensive for an app, but its sure to keep them quiet for hours.

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