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Best educational websites for kids

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Most kids can’t get enough of playing games on apps and websites. But wouldn’t it be great if they could learn a thing or two and have fun at the same time?

Enter educational websites for kids. The internet is home to tonnes of websites that can serve as  educational tools for your little one, regardless of their age or interests. Before we take a look at what some of them are, you need to check that the gadget your child will be accessing these websites on is protected with insurance.

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Now let’s take a look at some of the best educational websites for your child to use.



This BBC website is great for pre-schoolers and is packed with fun games and early years activities. If you choose either the ‘Games’ or ‘Puzzles & Quizzes’ categories, you can then click on the ‘Learning Area’ and it will filter the results by what skills the activities focus on sharpening – these include craft and cooking, maths, music and art, physical development, reading and writing, and understanding the world.


Shaun the Sheep’s Game Academy

Kids can’t get enough of playing computer games, so they’re bound to love creating one themselves! This is the perfect website to do just that – Shaun the Sheep guides children aged five to 10+ through three amazing courses, transforming them into skilled game developers in no time at all!

The resources will help them master the fundamentals of game making, learn to code with Scratch and create their very first game using templates. From then, they’ll be able to make a Shaun the Sheep game based on Aardman Animations’ own model.



Shaun the Sheep’s Game Academy uses Scratch, but it’s also a standalone website kids can use to program their own interactive stories, games and animations, before sharing them with the wider online community.

Scratch is aimed at kids aged eight to 16 but is used by people of all ages. It’s a valuable tool given that coding forms an important part of literacy in today’s society, with the site teaching youngsters important strategies for things like problem-solving, designing projects and communicating concepts and ideas.


National Geographic Kids

This is one of the best websites for helping your little one to learn more about the wonderful world we live in. Under the ‘Discover’ tab, kids can choose to find out more about a certain category, such as animals, science, history and geography.

How many species of zebra are there? How do our bodies digest food? How do you make a mummy? Who are the Sámi people? Your child will find answers to these questions and many, many more on this information-packed website. In fact, you may find that they’re very handy to have around in a quiz!

The website also has a competitions section where kids can get their hands on everything from books to scooters, to trips to the museum. The Kids Club contains heaps of cool content written for kids by kids, and there are even some games to put your little one’s newly gained skills and knowledge to the test.

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NASA Kids’ Club

Is your little one a space buff? If so, they can join Nebula on the NASA Kids’ Club website where they’ll find out everything there is to know about the famous space agency. Plus, they can take part in some educational, space-themed games.

They can put their driving skills to the test playing the Roving on Mars game, discover who’s currently on the Space Station, and learn the ‘ABCs of NASA’. Kids can also navigate to the main site where they can find information on missions like Curiosity Mars Rover, Hubble Space Telescope, Artemis Program and Insight Mars Lander, and find space station updates and details on launches and landings. Check out NASA’s ‘image of the day’ and former entries, or tune in for interesting discussions on NASA TV.


Sesame Street

It may have been on the telly when you were a child, but Sesame Street is still going strong, with the mission of its website to ‘help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder’. The famous Sesame Street muppets have been tasked to ‘meet children’s development needs with critical early education, social impact programs, and a large dose of fun!’

There are plenty of games for kids to play and videos to watch. Plus there’s a great art section where your kids can unleash their creativity, choosing from a whole host of themes including ‘Night Sky,’ ‘Cookie Monster,’ ‘Paint the Duck’ and ‘Birthday Cake’.


History for Kids

If your little one loves learning about times gone by, they’ll love History for Kids. It’s a free online history network covering certain eras such as the Middle Ages, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient China.

After they’ve done their research on a certain time in history, they can then put what they’ve learned to the test by taking on the quizzes on the website. There’s also handy worksheets for each era that can be used both at home and in the classroom.

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