Best Headphones for Gym Bunnies

Best Headphones for the Gym

Whether you’re a long-time fitness fanatic or have stuck to your New Year’s resolution, working out is always much better (and easier) when you have music to keep you focused.

Sure, most gyms have a playlist going, but it’s not always the music that helps you get in the zone, and it definitely doesn’t drown out the groans of fellow gymgoers. And, let’s be honest, those Apple headphones aren’t doing the trick either.

If you’re serious about your fitness regime, then it’s definitely worth investing in some headphones designed to be worn when working out. But which ones should you go for?

Give yourself a break in between sets and have a scroll through the best sport headphones:

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

One of the most difficult things with in-ear headphones is finding one that really fits your ear. Jabra’s latest Sport Pulse Special Edition headphones come with three sizes of Comply memory foam ear tips, so they can mould to your ears.

They also have a small fin that fits into the outer ear to ensure they stay in place, and are sweat and water-resistant, with great sound quality. What’s more, they feature a ‘clinical-grade’ sensor that monitors your heart-rate and can calculate your V02.

Pioneer SE-E721

If you’re looking for durable headphones on a budget, look no further than the Pioneer SE-E721.

These surprisingly light headphones are part of Pioneer’s extreme sports headphones range, and come with four sized ear tips.

No matter your running style, the E721 will stay secure, thanks to its comfortable, clamp-like secure fit.

Sennheiser OCX 686i Sports

There are several models in Sennheiser’s 686 range so make sure you pay attention to the model numbers. The 686i model has been designed specifically for iOS devices.

These are perfect for Apple users that aren’t a fan of Bluetooth headphones – great if you don’t want to have to worry about charging your headphones. The tangle-free cable has a detachable clip so you can attach it to your clothing.

They have an IPX4 rating for water-resistance and the ear-pieces have an anti-microbial coating.

Monster iSport SuperSlim

If you love listening to big tracks when you work out, the bass from the Monster iSport SuperSlim wireless in-ear headphones will help you achieve your personal bests.

As well as being sweatproof, what really sets the SuperSlim apart from other headphones is that they are washable – a perfect feature if you really push yourself during your workouts.

Bose Soundsport

Bose flagship headphones can make quite the dent in your wallet, but the Soudsport provides an affordable option with the superb sound quality that Bose is known for.

The earbuds come in three sizes and are covered with a hydrophobic cloth, ensuring the sweat stays out without impacting the sound quality and flow. They also have tips to make sure they stay secure while you’re working out.

These headphones aren’t wireless but they come in five different colours, and have an in-line mic, an extension cable and a remote control.

There are separate versions for Android and iPhone so just make sure you buy the right one for your device.

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