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Best home workout apps

If you want to get in shape but lack the motivation to do it by yourself, a fitness app could be just the thing you need. Work out when and where you like, at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.

So, what are the best apps for home workouts?

In this article, we’ll answer this question as well as what to look for in a workout app and how to protect your device with mobile phone insurance so you can avoid any workout delays if your phone gets lost or damaged.

But before you jump right into the best home workout apps, are you familiar with all the tips and tricks of your iPhone? If not, check out our recent tutorial that is great for beginners.


What to look for in a workout app

The first thing to note is that there are a lot of workout apps out there. Sifting through them to find the good ones can be a bit labour intensive. It helps if you have an idea what you are looking for in an app.

Questions to ask yourself include:

  1. What is your current level of fitness?
  2. Are you interested in a particular activity?
  3. How long do you want workouts to last?
  4. Do you want additional features such as diet guidance and weight tracking?
  5. How much would ads bother you?
  6. Are you prepared to pay for an app or subscription?
  7. Do you want to workout indoors or outdoors?
  8. Are you prepared to buy any equipment for use in workouts, such as weights?
  9. Do you want to follow a strict fitness regime or just dip in for the odd workout?


Should you pay for an app subscription?

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Free apps might give you a good feel for what you want in an app, but at the end of the day, decent apps have a price tag.

It’s clear that these days, workouts are just one way in which our lives are enhanced through our devices, bringing new possibilities every day.

Don’t forget to protect your device from theft, damage or loss with insurance for a mobile phone.

A woman running in a woodland area at sunset with headphones i  whilst holding her phone

The best of the bunch

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite workout apps here. Which one would suit you best?


Asana Rebel

This good-looking app focuses on yoga poses to help users tone and relax.

It has gorgeous videos and lots of hints and tips to help users follow the practice, and you can customise it according to your height, weight, age and fitness goals.

There are handy tools to prompt other lifestyle changes, too, such as better sleep hygiene.

You can choose a category to suit your needs, for example core strengthening or relaxation, adding to a favourites list of poses you want to repeat.

You can browse content without paying, but you’ll need to stump up some cash if you want to access videos.



Hollywood favourite Chris Hemsworth is the face of this app, which features more than just workouts – you can access meal planners, meditations and a daily motivational article, if that’s what floats your boat.

Workouts are pitched at different fitness levels and subscription is reasonably priced.


Daily Butt Workout

Let's hear it for our behinds!

The largest muscle in the body is hugely important for strength, posture and endurance. This app has workouts targeting your gluteus maximus, including donkey kicks, bridges, and plank heel lifts.

Choose a length of workout to suit you. No equipment required beyond a bottom!


Nike Training Club

Fitness giant Nike has an impressive collection of free content featuring the signature logo prominently, as you’d imagine.

You enter a few details about yourself to register, then choose content according to factors such as muscle group, workout type or workout length.

It’s easy to cast the workouts to your TV for easier viewing but the videos must be downloaded before you start, which might be a problem for some slower internet connections.

A man lacing up his shoes ready to run in a city

C25K 5K Trainer

The hit C25K programme prepares runners for a 5K run, even if their current fitness level is very low.

This eight-week programme is a gentle way to build up fitness through walking and running, with upbeat music to keep the motivation high on the way.


Yoga Down Dog

This is a vast collection of yoga content – 30,000 different combinations are possible through the app.

You can select different yoga types such as Hatha, Yin and Ashtanga, choose from six instructor voices, all for a modest monthly fee.


Fitbit Coach

Wearable fitness device company Fitbit has a fun platform for workout content.

The instructors are smiley and jolly, and you can tap on each exercise if you need a break down on how to complete it correctly.

You will need a Fitbit account and the first time you use the app there is an eight-minute fitness test to determine your level. A premium option gives even more workout content to enjoy.


Daily Burn

This is the next best thing to participating in an exercise class in real life – live daily workouts that you can stream and join in with.

There are full-body workouts for beginners as well as more targeted options for fitness aficionados.

Workouts can also be accessed on demand, and there are lots of live chats and special guests to keep you enthused.



Free weights are a great way to tone up and improve your health.

Stronglifts has a straightforward approach, setting out five sets of five reps with weights. It recommends three exercises three times a week.

You will need some equipment (for example, a barbell and a bench) but it’s a brilliant way to get stuck into weight training, with all you need to get seriously brawny.

A woman working out at home using a free weight to do squats

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

Meet Kayla Itsines, a popular Australian fitness influencer who wants to get you up and sweating.

The 28-minute workouts are high intensity and will leave you feeling tired but happy. There are lots of fitness challenges to join and help with meal planning.



You might have heard of the Peloton bike training platform, which is a little on the fancy side – this is a much more down-and-dirty offering, providing access to thousands of classes in a whole range of different activities.

From treadmill running, HIIT, mediation, yoga, indoor cycling and walking, this app has oodles of great fitness content. You can work towards a fitness goal or follow a pre-designed programme.



This app has heaps of different workouts, so you can select according to the body part you wish to target or length of exercise.

The minimalist design is very clear, with instructors of different shapes and sizes leading you through your paces.

You can choose the music background and opt for push notifications to remind you to exercise regularly. Best of all, none of the workouts need equipment so you can do them any time, any place.



This AI-driven app is anything but boring.

It features workouts for a huge plethora of sports, from tennis and football to snowboarding and swimming. The workout plans change and develop over time, keeping you motivated!


Zombies, Run!

If you find fitness a little dull, this app could put a gory spring in your step.

Run or walk your way through a horror story with this zombie-themed fitness app, featuring all kinds of hellish sound effects and a fun adventure story. Guaranteed to get your heart racing!

Just make sure you have the right mobile phone insurance as your device could get damaged during all that running around!

Three people running through a city at night


This app can work wonders for those looking to lose weight.

It combines fitness routines with meal planning, giving clear, simple instructions on how to burn fat through exercise.

Routines and food options can be tailored to individual users – it even gives you a shopping list to help with food preparation.


30 day Fitness Challenge

If you want to give yourself a bootcamp-style challenge, this is for you.

This programme caters for everyone from couch potato to fitness fanatic, leading you through a month of daily sessions.

The video workouts are easy to follow and can focus on problem areas if you wish. There is lots of free content as well as some paid.


Workout Trainer

Whatever your fitness level, this all-encompassing app has something for you.

It features notifications, reminders and streak tracking to keep you on course and you can even hire a personal trainer through the app.

A heap of content is free, but you can access even more plus the ability to customise workouts, for a monthly fee.


AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run

AllTrails is the app that gets you fit in the great outdoors.

It has a treasure trove of maps, routes and trails, with crowdsourced photos and reviews from users giving feedback on the best options.

You can filter for routes that are suitable for different types of user, for example dogs, kids and people in wheelchairs.



This app is centred on running and cycling indoors.

To use it, you need some gadgets – a Zwift RunPod to attach to your shoes and a treadmill for running, a bike and trainer for cycling.

There are lots of virtual courses to choose from, and you’ll be exercising alongside other virtual participants from around the globe.

Fun features include being able to give other users a boost as you pass them, do a group ride and earn badges to keep things interesting.

A man cycling on a road back on a hot day

The Be.Come Project

Fitness culture can be a bit judgmental for some – this app seeks to take a more balanced approach to physical and mental health.

Combining yoga, pilates, and dance in short sessions, the app only has one routine a week, which you are encouraged to follow multiple times.

It’s a less pressured, more laidback style that works well for some – although the price tag is higher than some other apps.


7 Minute Workout

There are absolutely no excuses for staying on the sofa with this app, which offers seven-minute workout routines for those who find it hard to make time for fitness.

You don’t need equipment, you just need to be willing to work up a sweat in the shortest space of time possible.


SHRED: Gym Workout & Tracker

This app gives you access to a massive number of workouts.

There are thousands of options, from bodyweight training, cardio, HIIT, kettlebell and dumbbell routines, as well as good old gym workouts. It’s a very big collection and well worth a look.


FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans

Meet your new personal trainer – it’s an app.

We can’t all afford a personal trainer but this is the next best thing with workout routines from PTs to the stars.

Choose from popular categories such as HIIT, dance, yoga, pilates, barre and cardio to boost your fitness routine.

A man doing a home workout using a kettle bell in his garden on a sunny day


The key feature of Aaptiv is that it uses audio rather than video – actually quite handy, because video can be hard to follow, your device can fall down, and so on.

Don’t forget to buy a mobile phone insurance policy in case of an accident!

You set a goal such as weight loss, fitness improvement, or performance improvement, tell the app what fitness equipment you have and then a recommended workout programme is designed for you.

Each session comes with a time duration and difficulty level, plus a star rating from other users.


Daily Yoga

Whatever your level of experience with yoga, this app can help you stretch your way toward improved fitness and flexibility.

There is a wealth of content – more than 50 class plans, 500 poses and 200 classes, all with HD video. You can opt for a mini-yoga session at five minutes or a full-length, 70-minute practice. It’s a great option for everyday yoga.


Kettlebell Workouts by Fitify

Warning – kettlebell workouts can be seriously addictive once you get into them!

The humble kettlebell is a brilliant fitness tool and this app shows you how to maximise its potential.

There are more than 45 kettlebell exercises and five workout programmes with voice coach and video demonstrations to show you how it’s done.


Protecting your phone while working out

Before getting started with a workout app, it’s a good idea to consider how you will protect your mobile phone or other device from damage.

Putting the device on the floor while you do active exercise is a recipe for disaster, while propping it on a raised surface could lead to it falling and smashing the screen.

If you are using your mobile for audio content, an armband can be a good option to keep it safe, while a stand will help to keep it stable while you follow video content.

Even better, you could opt to stream content to a larger screen, so you won’t need to prop your device in a precarious position.

Most importantly, don’t forget to protect your device with reliable mobile phone protection so you’re covered if something goes wrong.

For example, some cover provides you with a back-up phone so you won’t be left without your all-important workouts.

Why not get a quote for mobile phone insurance from Gadget Cover today?

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