Best Photography Apps

Best photography apps

Whether you’re a keen photographer or just love to share your photos on social media, our smartphones are often our go-to gadget for snapping when we’re out and about.

While a smartphone won’t replace a DSLR, so many smartphone cameras are now of such a high quality that you can capture breathtaking images without needing to constantly carry a camera around with you.

But having a great camera is only part of the equation. The apps you use to take or edit your photos are just as important.

So, what photography apps should you be downloading this year? We’ve put together a selection of some of the best:


It’d be virtually impossible to talk about photography apps without mentioning the incredibly popular Instagram. The latest figures suggest the photo sharing network has 500 million monthly active users. That’s a lot of photos.

So, why do so many people flock to Instagram? Not only is it free, it’s the original filtered photo-sharing app. Its range of custom-designed filters and editing tools can transform the most everyday photo.

Users can then share to their timelines, directly to specific people or with a whole host of other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Google PhotoScan

Occasionally you come across a great gem from the past in an old photo album or in a box in your parent’s attic. Whether you want to share it on social media or have a digital copy of it, taking a photo of a photo can often prove disappointing thanks to the inevitable glare.

With Google’s PhotoScan app, you don’t need to worry about fishing out the scanner. This free app, available for iOS and Android, lets users scan photos with their phone in a matter of seconds, without the glare or shadows.


As well as functioning as a camera app and photo sharing platform, VSCO (pronounced visco), is most loved for its editing capabilities. Its filters, which can be adjusted, are designed to reflect classic and modern analogue films.

The app will also show you before and after comparisons so users can see how they’ve built up their edit. Photos can then be shared and users can get inspiration from the many amazing images shared on the site.

You can join the community by downloading the app for free.

Google Photos

While there are many positives to technology, it can occasionally have its pitfalls – be it running out of memory or breaking.

With Google’s Photos, you don’t have to worry about losing photos or videos as it allows users to automatically backup photos and videos to Google’s cloud. These will then be available on every Android device users own.

The Auto Awesome feature will also provide auto-generated panoramas or animated GIFs if users have taken a burst shot.


Pixlr is yet further proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money (or any) to get decent photography apps.

With this app, users can get lost in the choices as it has more than two million combinations of effects, overlays and filters. Not only is it a great collage maker, it allows users to layer images and add text captions.

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