Selfie is the latest trend in clicking a self-image or portrait using a camera or mobile device and sharing it on social media sites. The recent apps for taking and sharing selfies in a fun way have made it even more popular among people across the ages.

See below a list of 5 Best Selfie Apps for you to share your pics with the world.

 1.   Funimate

With Funimate, create a video clip and add music. You can capture simple videos from your daily life and easily transform them to fun video clips to be  shared as selfies across various social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others. These videos can be transformed into GIF files and can be uploaded as pictures. Funimate offers more than 15 animation effects, and you can enjoy Funimate in iPhones, iPod’s or iPad’s.

2. Frontback

Most selfie apps allow taking pictures either using the front or back camera. The Frontback app is different because it allows the user to take pictures of objects using the front and back camera at the same time. This app displays both the pictures by dividing the screen in half. You can additionally add captions and locations before sharing on various social media sites. Moreover, the app is offered free to use. Cool, right?

3.   Selfie Cam App

Selfie Cam App is another cool application developed for selfie lovers. To make life easy, the Selfie Cam app lets you look away and activate the timer with your ‘Smile’. Once done, you can beautify your pictures, by adding stylish effects to your portrait. You can also retouch your pictures to make them look perfect by adjusting the skin tone, removing wrinkles, reshaping your face and much more. Believe it or not, packed with so much fun, the app is offered free to use.

4.   CamMe

If holding the phone in your hands and clicking portrait pics seems like a trivial process to you, consider using CamMe. With this app, you can set the device on a stand and move away. To activate the camera, raise your hand and then close your fingers to make a fist. The app recognizes these gestures and activates the timer to click your perfect selfie. Easy, isn’t it?

5.   Picr

Picr is a great app for those selfie lovers who forget to take selfies due to lack to time. This app is great at reminding the user every day to take a selfie. Within the application, the pictures can be shown as a grid or layered to make a selfie journal. It’s easy to make a video with the pictures taken and can be spiced up by adding the text and music as well.