Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015?

Ahhhhh the tablet, no not the ‘oral use only’ type or even the Scottish type which is a delicious sweet treat right in the middle between Fudge and Toffee. We are talking high tech devices that entertain us for hours, give us all the information in the world (maybe a slight exaggeration) and all of this comes packaged in a handy sized rectangular shell.


Seriously, go try Scottish Tablet – Image – Giphy

OK, now we get to the serious business. With tech manufacturers bringing out their very own devices to rival each other it means that we as consumers get the best tech possible!

Do you have a favourite Tablet? Why not vote for your favourite in the What Mobile Awards? By simply completing the survey, you will be entered into WMA’s prize draw to win either an Apple iPhone6, a Samsung Galaxy S6, a Sony Xperia Z3 or HTC One (M9).

Here’s a sneak peek at the nominees in the category ‘Best Touchscreen Tablet’

The Appetizing Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015 - Amazon Fire HDX

Image – Know Your Mobile

The Flavoursome iPad Air 2

Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015 - iPad Air 2

Image – Apple

The Sugar Coated Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Image – What Mobile

The Luscious Lenovo Yoga Tab 2

Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015 - Lenovo Yoga Tab 2

Image – Lenovo

The Divine Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015 - Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Image – Microsoft

The Zestful Google Nexus 9

Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015 - Google Nexus 9

Image – Google

Do any of these devices tickle your taste buds? Click here to VOTE NOW or forever hold your peace!

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Best Touchscreen Tablet of 2015?

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