Blackberry is attempting to continue to increase its market share through the release of the latest Blackberry model, the Q10. After the release of the Z10 earlier this year to a good amount of positive feedback, Blackberry has come full circle with its QWERTY keyboard and returning to its roots. The main feature of the BB Q10 is the absence of a touchscreen and a raised keybckberry oard on the front featuring the QWERTY which became so popular on other models in the not so distant past. The company has been through some tough times recently, including a few delays of the release of the Z10. Many Blackberry loyalists have put the tough times to the side and returned to support the company. This new phone should add to the positive tone Blackberry is carrying into the summer months.

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Blackberry users who are used to a raised keyboard will likely be purchasing one of the new models, which will be available from the end of April. The phone will be 4G enabled and will have most of the same features which users are now raving about in regard to the Z10 released earlier this year.

Graham Stapleton, with Carphone Warehouse, commented on the appeal of the new phone, saying: “The new BlackBerry Q10 takes everything that’s great about the recently launched BlackBerry Z10 and adds a physical QWERTY keyboard – perfect for users who still prefer the physical push of a button when using their devices.”

Competition within the smartphone market is keen and will no doubt remain that way for months to come. Blackberry is planning on the new Q10 to compete favorably with the handsets which Apple and Samsung are now marketing. This will be a tough order due to the amount of technology both companies now have to offer the everyday consumer.

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