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Bluetooth to enable audio broadcasting

Bluetooth is about to get a major upgrade which will allow users to invite other people to share what they are listening to, and connect with public media devices or venues to better hear what’s going on.

Auracast broadcast audio, a new addition to the wireless technology standard, will enable audio broadcasts from a smartphone or laptop to an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth audio receivers, including speakers, earbuds or hearing aids.


“The introduction of Auracast broadcast audio will enable us to move from personal wireless listening experiences to shared wireless listening experiences,” said Zeng Xuezhong, senior vice president and president of the smartphone department at Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi.

Another feature offered by Auracast broadcast audio is the ability for anyone to listen to audio from a television in a public space. Silent televisions in public venues like gyms, restaurants and waiting rooms will be able to broadcast audio that any visitor with Auracast-enabled Bluetooth earbuds or hearing aids will be able to hear.

It will also enable people — including those with any degree of hearing loss — to hear better wherever they go. For example, when visiting an airport, cinema, conference centre or place of worship, a user will be able to receive audio broadcasts from the public address system directly into their Auracast-enabled Bluetooth earbuds or hearing aids.

“The impact of Bluetooth audio has been massive. A simple, wireless audio connection between two Bluetooth devices has helped make our roads safer, our lives more productive, and our relationship with music, podcasts, video streaming and all types of personal audio more convenient and joyful,” said Mark Powell, chief executive of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. “The launch of Auracast broadcast audio will trigger another massive change in the wireless audio market. The ability to broadcast and share audio using Bluetooth technology will reshape personal audio and enable public venues and spaces to deliver audio experiences that will improve visitor satisfaction and increase accessibility.”

The Bluetooth specifications that define Auracast broadcast audio are part of the Bluetooth LE Audio specification suite and are expected to be released within the next few months.

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