mobile phone insuranceA significant number of sneaky Brits are taking advantage of their employers through their smartphones and other devices, a new survey has found.

A poll of 2,000 working adults revealed that 19% said they charge their smartphone and other electronics while at work in order to reduce their domestic energy bills, while 12% make personal calls on their work phones to avoid spending money on premium-rate, 0800 and long-distance numbers. Furthermore, 7% use their office’s internet instead of paying for their own internet connection, while 5% download things with their employer’s Wi-Fi when they have reached their broadband limit at home.

But some employees go even further; overall, 35% of respondents admitted that they had ‘borrowed’ items from their workplace, and while the most commonly-pinched items were stationery – removed from work by 25% – 3% of the workers polled said they had taken IT and computing equipment home with them.

It seems unlikely that all of these items ever make their way back to the office – 10% of borrowers said they take workplace equipment home with them to keep afloat until payday, while 11% said they do so because they don’t think they are paid enough. A cheeky 7% said that taking items from work is their right as a member of staff.

Nonetheless, 64% of workers polled could not be found to have taken advantage of their employee, while 65% said they have never taken items home or don’t remember if they have, showing that while bosses should perhaps should be more cautious than they realise, there’s no need to lose faith.

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