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Best Travel Apps for a stress-free holiday

  After what feels like a lifetime, summer is starting to show! Blue skies, birds tweeting and sunshine are no longer a distant memory, but a regular occurrence happening outside office windows. While holidays should be a time to take a break from our screens, there's no denying that

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Best Tech for Marathon Runners

  Whether you're signed up to take part in the London marathon on Sunday or have your sights set on a later date, there's no denying how useful tech has become when it comes to running long distances (or any distance for that matter!). It can help take your

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Best Android Security Apps

  From GDPR to the latest Facebook scandal, privacy and security are at the forefront of everyone's minds right now. We use our smartphones for hours every day, for work purposes as well as personal. These devices now store a vast amount of private and sensitive data, so it's time

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Best iPhone security apps

We use our iPhones for so much more than just contacting friends and family. We also use them to shop online, access our bank accounts, and for work purposes. While advances in technology have provided us with many benefits, they also have some downsides. Our increasing reliance on the digital

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Top tips and tricks for Netflix

  Top tips and tricks for Netflix Netflix has come a long way from the DVD rental business it started out as in 1997. It has revolutionised how we watch video content, having championed streaming media and video-on-demand. It now has around 7.5 million subscribers in

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Best Apple apps 2017

Best Apple apps 2017 As well as looking ahead to 2018, 'tis also the season to look back and reflect on the year that has passed. In the tech world, advances happen so rapidly that a year can seem like a lifetime. But here's a roundup

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YouTube TV — Everything you need to know

YouTube TV -- Everything you need to know November 8, 2017 When you think of online video, YouTube is probably the first name that springs to mind. Since it was founded in 2005, the video-sharing website has grown into an unstoppable force. Earlier this year, it

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How to master Google Drive

How to master Google Drive Individuals and businesses of all sizes are being won over by the efficiency, functionality and ease of Google Drive. Google's online office tools provide users with file management, storage, and a variety of apps, which are commonly called Google Docs. Whether

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The best apps for the kitchen

The best apps for the kitchen We can't all be a master chef, but thankfully there's a whole plethora of apps out there to help extend your culinary skills beyond pasta, cereal and toast. Whether you want assistance in putting on an extravagant dinner party or

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Alexa’s best skills

  Alexa's best skills Amazon's Alexa and its smart home speakers have been around for some time, and the company has been working hard to ensure that the devices have all the top skills and integrations to provide users with the best experience. The voice assistant

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