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How to master Google Drive

How to master Google Drive Individuals and businesses of all sizes are being won over by the efficiency, functionality and ease of Google Drive. Google's online office tools provide users with file management, storage, and a variety of apps, which are commonly called Google Docs. Whether

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Best tech for students

  Best tech for students The summer holidays are over but, as thousands of students have received their GCSE and A Level results, many are starting to think about the next term. Whether they're off to start university or moving to college or sixth form, they're

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Facebook launches video platform

Facebook launches video platform There's no denying that our TV habits have changed in recent years. Streaming, on-demand services and mobile devices have all had a significant effect. Business Insider UK recently revealed that teens are watching twice as much Netflix as live TV, spending, on

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Apple ends Nano and Shuffle

  Apple ends Nano and Shuffle It feels like many tech companies are keen to mark the end of an era. First, Microsoft announced it would be killing off MS Paint, although fans were able to save the app with the company moving it to the

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Make life more efficient with these top Google Chrome Extensions

Make life more efficient with these top Google Chrome Extensions It seems our days are getting busier and busier, and with summer just around the corner, we're all itching to get as much done as efficiently as possible so we can head out and enjoy the

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Apple’s latest iPad

  Apple's latest iPad In this day and age, there are constantly leaks and rumours circulating the launch of a new product. And, arguably, the tech company that generates the most rumours is Apple -- which is hardly surprising given the part they've played in changing

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Best iPad Apps: Download These Now

  Best iPad Apps: Download these now Without apps, tablets are pretty useless. And the apps you download can transform your tablet into anything you want: a source of entertainment, a source of communication or a way to look for jobs. If you're an Apple fan,

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