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Apple’s latest iPad

  Apple's latest iPad In this day and age, there are constantly leaks and rumours circulating the launch of a new product. And, arguably, the tech company that generates the most rumours is Apple -- which is hardly surprising given the part they've played in changing

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Best iPad Apps: Download These Now

  Best iPad Apps: Download these now Without apps, tablets are pretty useless. And the apps you download can transform your tablet into anything you want: a source of entertainment, a source of communication or a way to look for jobs. If you're an Apple fan,

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10 essential iOS 10 tips and tricks

10 essential iOS 10 tips and tricks iOS 10 might have been with us since September, but chances are you're not using Apple's latest software update to its full advantage. Apple updates its operating system to ensure iPhone and iPad users are provided with new features,

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Tips and Tricks for Apple Music

Tips and tricks for Apple Music Music streaming services are fast becoming the way we listen to and find music, whether we're at home or on the go. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, then chances are Apple Music is the service you go

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Super Mario Run Release

‘Super Mario Run’ Release Mobile gaming has become a constant part of life, where it wins is the ease of use and pick up and play element.  You already own a smartphone, you have a twenty minute bus ride and mobile games appeal to those exact

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How to play your favourite retro video games

How to play your favourite retro video games Much like the film industry, the video games industry is never shy about remaking its greatest hits.  If it was a huge success once, why wouldn’t it be again?  Well sadly the answer is that it rarely is,

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MacBook Pro 2016 Release

MacBook Pro 2016 release From the introduction of the iPod, to the iPhone, Apple has often been at the forefront of bringing us the latest and, arguably, best new technology. As with all its products, Apple outdoes each previous offering to bring consumers and Apple fanatics

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