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10 signs you can’t live without your smartphone

For lots of smartphone users – especially at the turn of a new year – the idea of doing a digital detox, in which you refrain from using your electronic devices, holds some appeal. It’s an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world. But could you really live without

10 apps to help you with your New Year’s resolutions

Many of us consider the start of a new year as the perfect time to set fresh goals for the future and make positive changes to our lives. As is generally the way, we start off January with heaps of enthusiasm and optimism about our New Year’s resolutions. But then, there comes a point

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Best apps if you’re trying for a baby

Trying for a baby is one of the most exciting, yet stressful, times of your life. Some couples fall pregnant straight away while others take a lot longer to conceive. It might sound crazy, but downloading the right apps on your smartphone could increase your chances of becoming parents. How? Well, certain apps help you

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How safe is banking on my mobile phone?

Most, if not all, banks have an app these days, allowing you to manage your money via your smartphone. There’s no doubt that it makes for convenient banking, but is it safe? The latest UK Payment Markets report shows that almost half (47%) of UK adults are using mobile banking – a number that rises

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5G to boost smartphone sales in 2020

More consumers are expected to upgrade to the latest gadgets this year, driven by interest in new 5G smartphones. Worldwide shipments of devices — including PCs and tablets as well as mobile phones — will total 2.16 billion units in 2020, research and advisory firm Gartner predicts. That’s an increase of 0.9% from 2019,

What to do if your iPhone is stolen

iPhones aren’t just a hefty investment: they come with us everywhere – to work, on holidays and evenings out. They also contain a treasure trove of personal information. As a result, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the steps you need to take if your iPhone is stolen. Precious photos and videos aside, we increasingly

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Got a phone for Christmas? Get it insured!

Many people will have unwrapped a shiny new phone on Christmas morning. But with the latest models costing up to £1,500, it’s important to make sure your new gadget is protected in case of accidental damage, breakdown, theft or loss. Independent financial research company Defaqto recently weighed up whether it’s worth taking out specialist

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How do I back up my iPhone?

Many of us store our lives in our iPhones. From treasured photos to private emails, our gadgets carry a great deal of valuable personal data, so it’s essential to ensure frequent backups are performed. Should you drop, damage or lose your phone, you can no longer access your content via that device: backing up helps

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Samsung Galaxy 11 rumours

  The launch of the Samsung Galaxy 11 ­ –or the ‘Picasso’ as it’s rumoured to be codenamed – is due to take place around February 2020, and rumours are flying. While the tech giant has revealed a few juicy titbits, we’re largely in the dark when it comes to confirmed upgrades and features. It’s

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How do I track a lost or stolen iPhone?

Losing our smartphones, or having them stolen, is something many of us dread. After all, these nifty gadgets are like our very own personal assistants – their apps and tools help us to organise our lives and keep everything in check. Having to replace a smartphone (and all of its apps) can be a real

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