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The top iPhone 11 cases and accessories

A smartphone is an investment. With Apple and its competitors bringing out newer, slicker models year on year, the question of durability is easily forgotten. According to Techradar, the iPhone 11 is “a triumph for Apple” which should “achieve years of use”. Offering much of the pricier 11 Pro’s camera technology plus impressive battery life,

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Screen typing vs keyboarding typing – which is faster?

Logic might suggest typing on a computer keyboard is much faster than typing on a mobile phone screen. However, reports the Guardian, research has shown that people can now type nearly as fast on a screen as they can on a keyboard. Researchers discovered that people who typed text messages using just one finger managed

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Best upcoming smartphones yet to be released

Do you know your Huawei from your iPhone? Are you familiar with the best upcoming phones yet to be released from the biggest brands in the phone world? Could you tell the difference between the new Pixel 4 and the OnePlus 7T? If not, don’t panic! We’re here to help you discover the latest phones

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What is the most durable smartphone?

We all know the feeling. Your phone slides out of your hand onto the pavement and you know, even before bending over to pick it up, the screen has smashed and you’re about to face a hefty bill to fix it. Either that, or you’re staring at a shattered screen for weeks or months, until

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What are the best phones for photography?

The great thing about many of the smartphones available today is that they double up as quality cameras. Meaning, if you’re a budding photographer or you’re considering taking up the hobby, you can save yourself some serious cash by purchasing a top-level camera smartphone, rather than a camera and mobile phone separately. Not only do

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