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Best Android apps 2017

Best Android apps 2017 The battle between Apple and Android lives on, and shows no sign of stopping. But the war doesn't just rage on in terms of the hardware; iPhone and Android users will passionately debate who wins in the app world too. As Android

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Top Instagram tools

Top Instagram tools Whether you're using it for personal or business use, there's no denying that Instagram can help build and define a brand. Even regular users can soon find themselves becoming a brand through the app – here's looking at you Grumpy Cat! But in

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How to turn off Snapchat’s Snap Maps

How to turn off Snapchat's Snap Maps It's only been a few weeks since Snapchat introduced its new feature, Snap Maps, but it has already caused quite a controversy. The feature is an opt-in function that allows users to share their location with friends on a

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Best free travel apps to explore the UK

Best free travel apps to explore the UK Easter already feels like it was weeks ago but, luckily for us, another Bank Holiday is just around the corner. While the majority of us probably spent the extended Easter weekend eating, drinking and, yes, eating some more,

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Best apps for Easter

Best apps for Easter Easter is just around the corner and, for many, this means the joy of a four-day weekend. While many of us may be planning on spending the weekend catching up with friends, others might make the most of the extended break with

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Best Travel Apps

Best travel apps Whether you're after a romantic getaway, a half-term holiday or a retreat with friends, booking a vacation is a sure-fire way to help beat those winter blues. Even if you're looking for last-minute deals or trying to find somewhere to eat on your

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Best Photography Apps

Best photography apps Whether you're a keen photographer or just love to share your photos on social media, our smartphones are often our go-to gadget for snapping when we're out and about. While a smartphone won't replace a DSLR, so many smartphone cameras are now of

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