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Four new iPhones coming in 2020?

Apple looks set to shake up its iPhone release strategy, according to a forecast report released by J.P. Morgan. Creative abstract mobile internet web communication security and safety business commercial concept: 3D render illustration of modern black glossy touchscreen smartphone or mobile phone with enter password verification screen and metal house key with keyhole

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Celebrity makes shock mobile phone confession!

  If you’re addicted to your smartphone, you might want to make sure you’re sitting down. This news has the potential to shock: Robbie Williams has admitted he doesn’t own a mobile phone. For many of us, this is a concept virtually impossible to fathom. He’s. Never. Owned. A. Smartphone. Mind blown, right? Speaking on

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What happened to Huawei? Will it affect phones in the UK?

Huawei is one of the biggest names in the smartphone market. The third biggest, in fact – with Apple in second place and Samsung taking the top spot.   According to data shared by Counterpoint Research, Huawei held 15% of the global market share in the final quarter of 2018. This compares to 17%

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New iOS 12 Features

  Operating software seems to be constantly updated and the key players have fallen into the routine of rolling out a new software update every year, often to coincide with the launch of their latest flagship devices. If you're an Apple fanatic, you may not have thought much about

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Latest news from Computex

Computex is one of the world's largest computer and technology trade shows and takes place in Taiwan every year. Here are some of the latest announcements from this year's show: Intel reveals dual-screen design concepts As The Verge reports, Intel has been working on a dual-screen laptop for

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Best Phone Usage Tracking Apps

  Technology has been an amazing addition to our lives. Our smartphones now provide us with instant access to the internet, allowing us to keep up to date with the news, order shopping online, and communicate with loved ones across the globe. However, there is also a darker side

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What is cryptocurrency?

  What is cryptocurrency? A day doesn't seem to go by without a mention of cryptocurrency. But there's a difference between having heard about something, and actually knowing what it is. If, like us, you politely nod your head when cryptocurrency is mentioned, fear not! You're

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Quarter of parents allow under 13s on Facebook

  Quarter of parents allow under 13s on Facebook The NSPCC has issued a warning after it was revealed that a quarter of parents in the UK allow children under the age of 13 to have a Facebook account. As the Daily Telegraph notes, Facebook's terms

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Best apps to stream TV

Best apps to stream TV Mobile devices are playing an increasingly key role in our viewing habits. In fact, Ericsson's ConsumerLab TV and Media Report 2017 found that approximately 70% of consumers now watch TV and video on a smartphone, double the figure in 2012. We're

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Apple ends Nano and Shuffle

  Apple ends Nano and Shuffle It feels like many tech companies are keen to mark the end of an era. First, Microsoft announced it would be killing off MS Paint, although fans were able to save the app with the company moving it to the

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