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Celebrity makes shock mobile phone confession!

If you’re addicted to your smartphone, you might want to make sure you’re sitting down. This news has the potential to shock: Robbie Williams has admitted he doesn’t own a mobile phone.

For many of us, this is a concept virtually impossible to fathom.
He’s. Never. Owned. A. Smartphone. Mind blown, right?

Speaking on an episode of Back of the Net, the pop star said: “I haven’t owned a phone since 2006.”
He continued: “I’m always on my computer, I’ve always got Wi-Fi… I got rid of it because I just don’t like them.”

When asked about his official Instagram and Twitter accounts, he said they were managed by other people, largely so he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth and say something he shouldn’t.

Williams isn’t the only star to shun mobile phones. In 2016, Elton John admitted to not owning one, saying that the advent of cameras in phones made going out an “effort”. He said: “There’s no privacy anymore.

When I started out there were no mobile phones, no kind of paparazzi, we had it so easy.”
Rapper Kanye West also famously didn’t own a mobile phone for a number of years in the mid-noughties. And film director Werner Herzog has also rejected them, saying he likes “not being available all the time”.

If you’re shuddering at the thought of not owning a smartphone, you’re not alone. Data from Statista suggests that around 95% of households in the UK own a mobile phone. That’s a lot of phones in use.

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