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Government employees lost hundreds of laptops this year

An increasing number of laptops are being lost by UK government departments, a Freedom of Information (FoI) request has revealed. USB drive supplier Apricorn submitted FoI requests to five government departments, asking about the security of devices held by

Best laptop brands revealed

How do you decide which laptop to buy? With so much choice there's a lot to think about, including specs, price and brand. Luckily, help is at hand. The annual Laptop Mag 'Best Laptop Brands' report is designed to make

Is the MacBook on the decline?

Apple is a giant in its industry. From its smartphones and tablets, to laptops and smart watches, its devices always feature high up on ‘top tech’ lists – and often, right at the top.   You could even go so

Top tips and tricks for Netflix

  Top tips and tricks for Netflix Netflix has come a long way from the DVD rental business it started out as in 1997. It has revolutionised how we watch video

Best tech for students

  Best tech for students The summer holidays are over but, as thousands of students have received their GCSE and A Level results, many are starting to think about the next

64 bit vs 32 bit – Does It Matter?

Most of you may have heard of the 64 bit and the 43 bit options when it comes to your laptop’s operating systems and are probably thinking about upgrading. However, most people do not really understand the difference between the

How To Remote Control Your Computer

Have you ever been in a situation when you were away from your computer but needed to access it urgently? Or have you ever thought of getting into a computer system remotely to help someone with any desktop or application

Chrome OS – Google Laptop OS

Chromebooks are the latest development that can work as a replacement for your laptops. Though, these appear and look like conventional laptops but these cloud based devices are far better than traditionally built laptops in terms of performance and functionality

What to expect in CES 2015

The International CES 2015, is the global stage for innovation. It is a trade show in the field of global consumer electronics and consumer technology that is planned to be held between 6 to 9 January, 2015 in Las Vegas,

Best Budget Laptops Of 2014

Low budget laptops are actually ideal for those not requiring a great processing speed or high memory space. For those requiring a computer for spreadsheets, word processing and browsing the internet, low-budget laptops are a good choice at lower costs.

Top Mid Range Laptops

Mid-tier laptops are positioned between the top-tier and low-tier laptops that are not very expensive, but definitely deliver great results in terms of speed and performance. Below mentioned is a list of some mid-tier laptops that are worth considering. 1.

Top 5 Laptops of 2014

The best laptop for one user isn’t always the best for another since the requirement varies among users. Laptops are used for several purposes, ranging from simple computing to complex designing and gaming and depending on the purpose of use,

Chromebooks sales ‘could triple by 2017’

Chromebooks are set to explode in popularity over 2014, with the increasing number of products available seeing the market become both more lucrative and more competitive. Information technology research firm Garnter has predicted that 5.2 million Chromebooks will be sold

Which? puts PC repair companies in firing line

Have you ever taken your laptop in for a repair? Was the repair successful, or did the same problem re-emerge not long after you'd taken it home? If you've been disappointed by a laptop repair, a Which? investigation has shown

Are the traditional desktop’s days numbered?

The signs are all there – we’re all going mobile. There’s been an interesting recent convergence between desktop and laptop users wanting to move onto something more portable; landline owners wanting to take advantage of new data options; and people