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Chromebooks sales ‘could triple by 2017’

Chromebooks are set to explode in popularity over 2014, with the increasing number of products available seeing the market become both more lucrative and more competitive. Information technology research firm Garnter has predicted that 5.2 million Chromebooks will be sold

Which? puts PC repair companies in firing line

Have you ever taken your laptop in for a repair? Was the repair successful, or did the same problem re-emerge not long after you'd taken it home? If you've been disappointed by a laptop repair, a Which? investigation has shown

Are the traditional desktop’s days numbered?

The signs are all there – we’re all going mobile. There’s been an interesting recent convergence between desktop and laptop users wanting to move onto something more portable; landline owners wanting to take advantage of new data options; and people

How to increase the longevity of your laptop

Although laptops should last for a couple of years, they're not expected to have the longevity of a desktop PC. By their very nature, laptops will be regularly moved from place to place, which will see them occasionally dropping to

Should you buy a laptop or a tablet?

Tablet sales have soared in the last few years, and their skyrocketing success has dampened the laptop market. A tablet computer is perfect for many people, who may find they need nothing else for their computing requirements. Despite the damage

The rising dominance of tablets

Tablets have been increasing in popularity for years, but 2014 could be the year they finally achieve market dominance, after surpassing desktop PC sales for the first time ever in 2013. Market analyst Canalys predicts that over 2014, tablets will

Top Ten Christmas Gadget ideas

Are you planning on buying a technophile a gadget for Christmas? Our Gadget Cover researchers have looked through the market to find the best gadgets to put under the tree this year. iPad Mini 2 Enjoy the full iPad experience

Pershore College student assaulted and has laptop stolen

Laptops are incredibly important for university students, and the theft of one can have devastating consequences. Weeks' worth of complicated work and thousands of priceless files are stored on students' laptops, and losing this data can have serious implications. West

Dell unveils its most secure business Ultrabook

Dell has unveiled three new laptops, one of which it claims offers a higher level of manageability and security than any other laptop in the world. The new Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks and 5000 Series and 3000 Series laptops, which

Gadget Cover’s top back-to-school gadgets

With the long summer holidays drawing to a close, parents across the UK are investing in technology to support their children's education at school. While back-to-school shopping might have just involved folders, biros and paper a few years ago, children

ITC bans US imports of several Samsung products

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has banned US imports of a number of Samsung devices, upholding a 2011 ruling that found Apple's patents had been breached in some of Samsung's mobile phones, tablets and media players. While the banned products

The ten best laptops on the market today

The best laptops are powerful, compact, low in weight and offer incredible functionality, allowing people to do everything they could do on a desktop computer while out and about. With the UK seeing the best weather it is likely to

How to encrypt data on personal laptops

For  most people, losing a laptop   is inconveniencing and expensive, but for people with confidential information on their personal laptops, it can be devastating. Workers have been fired for breaching data protection rules, businesses can face huge fines and reputational

Google Increases Retail Push of Chromebook

-Laptops are under siege currently by the large number of consumers deciding to go with tablets instead. Last year the statistic regarding tablet sales proved that and indicated quite a shift in global electronic sales. For the first time, tablet