Have you ever been in a situation when you were away from your computer but needed to access it urgently? Or have you ever thought of getting into a computer system remotely to help someone with any desktop or application based problems. Now it is possible to remotely log to another system by using the ‘Remote login’ software available:


TeamViewer is a great all-in-one app for remote support and online meeting requirements. You can virtually control another computer by remotely logging into it as if physically sitting in front of the system. TeamViewer can also be used for online meetings, presentations, training sessions and team work.


With LogMeIn, you can enjoy accessing your system virtually from anywhere. This app gives you the flexibility to access, manage and support the computer system remotely. LogMeIn offers different products like Pro, Central and Rescue which allows securely accessing the files, automating tasks, managing remote computers and supporting end users on PC’s or mobile devices respectively.

DameWare Mini Remote Control:

This app has been popular for more than a decade to remotely control your computer or connect to remote servers, notebooks, laptops or desktops. The app can also be used across operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems. However the app is definitely not free with the price starting at £170.

Remote Utilities:

A very reliable app that is popular in the IT industry for network administration and remote support. This app allows you to remotely log into the system to view the screen, transfer files and much more. The app can be used for several remote operations like power control, active directory support, unattended access and several others.

Windows Remote Desktop:

By using Windows Remote Desktop you can virtually log into your system from any other computer and from any part of the world. The connection to your data and application is all secure and also allows audio and video streaming. User support is available for Windows Professional and Windows Server editions.