We all know how much modern-day gadgets have brought to our lives – anyone around in the days before smartphones remembers wait for hours in a pre-designated place for a less-than-punctual friend, unsure whether or not they’d even turn up; being, unable to warn people when you were running late; being unable to read reviews when buying new items – but it’s impossible to deny that this technology can also occasionally be aggravating. recently found that technology is now the most annoying issue for Brits, with computers crashing or freezing the biggest bugbear uncovered in its poll, surpassing even traffic and driving problems, automated cold-callers and unexpected fees. Ian Williams, a spokesman for the company, said the fact that people are more annoyed by a crashing computer than heavy or dangerous traffic reveals just how reliant we are on technology nowadays.

But there are a lot of other internet-related pains people complained about – slow web connections and pop-up adverts were also found to be major irritants to Britons, who simply want to navigate the web without interference.

Some might think the most annoying issue around smartphones is a tricky level in Candy Crush Saga, but far more practical problems annoyed people in the poll: a lack of phone signal caused smartphone users the most vexation, with this followed by dead smartphone batteries.

Smartphones are infuriating people in a range of instances: Brits complained about other people making text messages during conversations, people taking out their phones in the cinema and family-members or friends over-sharing their personal information on Facebook and other social media sites. Technology even annoys people while travelling – the fifth-most annoying travel-related irritation cited in the poll was being able to hear other people’s music.

But it’s no secret that people are heavily reliant on technology, and that this reliance has disadvantages as well as advantages. A crashing computer might be really infuriating, but imagine how much more anxiety you’d feel if the computer was to break down, or was lost or stolen?

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