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Everything you need to know about the Google Pixel Watch

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As explains, Google used its Pixel range to set a standard for Android phones. Here, the tech giant took complete control of the Android experience, providing users with a seamless Android interaction, with the Android operating software working as it was intended, on a phone created by Google.

So, is Google about to do the same with Wear OS (previously known as Android Wear)? The rumours certainly seem to suggest that Google is working on launching its own Google Pixel Watch. Here’s everything we know so far:

The wearable market has seen great success over the last couple of years, with the Apple Watch being one of the most dominant smartwatches around. Up until now, Wear OS has been somewhat of a side project for Google, but it’s not surprising that they’re now getting serious and might want a piece of the action.

It’s long been expected that Google would eventually bring out their own smartwatch but a recent report from reliable Twitter leaker Evleaks has, as T3 puts it, added fuel to the fire. He claims that at the company’s autumn hardware event, Google will release the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, second-gen Pixel Buds and, according to a “reliable source – with high confidence”, a Pixel-branded watch.

Google probably won’t say anything official about that event for a while but, based on the timings of its previous events, we can expect it to happen in October.

What’s more, a report from WinFuture suggests Google has three different versions of the Pixel Watch in development, and that the device is in the second level of design verification.

There is, of course, no idea of what the Pixel Watch will cost but, considering Pixel range is usually high-end with average flagship-level prices, it is assumed that it will have a high-end price tag.


While Google is, unsurprisingly, keeping very quiet about any possible Google Pixel Watch features, Tech Radar highlighted the key features users would want to see from a Google Pixel Watch (and what the tech giant should definitely think about adding if it does indeed want to take on the Apple Watch):

  • Rotating crown or bezel – A key part of Android Wear 2.0 was the redesign to ensure it worked well with rotating bezels and crowns. Few watches have embraced that, so maybe Google will finally put it to use with the Google Pixel watch?
  • In-display fingerprint scanner – Most smartwatches use PIN codes for security, so adding in-display fingerprinting would really help set Google apart from the rest of the smartwatch market.
  • Swimproof –We’re not just talking dust and water resistance. Many people use their smartwatches as fitness trackers but few have a high enough IP certification to be able to wear it in the pool. Hopefully Google will provide users with the ability to track their lengths.
  • Great battery life – The dream would be to have a smartwatch that wouldn’t need charging after two days of intensive use.
  • NFC payments – Seems simple, but a lot of Wear OS watches don’t actually come with NFC built-in. This would be a great addition for users to be able to use their Google Pay with their wrist.
  • Focus on fitness – As we mentioned before, more and more people are using their smartwatches as fitness trackers as manufacturers realise the importance of fitness. It’d be great if Google could create a Wear OS watch that truly delivers on all the top fitness tracking capabilities.
  • Great design – Unfortunately, a lot of smartwatch manufacturers seem to put more time and effort into the features and they end up with a clunky design. Let’s hope Google can create a jam-packed smartwatch that we won’t be embarrassed to wear!

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