Laptops are under siege currently by the large number of consumers deciding to go with tablets instead. Last year the statistic regarding tablet sales proved that and indicated quite a shift in global electronic sales. For the first time, tablet sales outnumbered PC sales in the year 2012. And by all indications that trend will continue and even grow to more extremes in the coming months. Google introduced the first laptop which is similar to a tablet a couple years ago called the Google Chrome. Sales have been satisfactory to now and Google is doing something to boost that accolade. The company is pushing the Chrome in more retail brick and mortar stores in anticipation of more sales.

The Google Chrome will now be available to consumers in almost 7,000 more stores starting this summer. Currently Best Buy and Amazon are still the primary outlets to purchase the Google Chrome, which introduced us to the Chrome OS. It relies on apps for the completion of tasks and the Google Cloud for storage purposes.

The UK will see the Google laptop in 116 Tesco stores starting Monday. Dixons already carries the device. US Wal Mart stores will begin selling the Chrome soon. More than 2,700 Wal Marts will make them available starting Monday of next week. The Wal Mart partnership could be the biggest push for more sales that Google partakes in. France will see the Chrome in all FNAC stores soon. And in Australia, all JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores will start carrying the Chrome soon.

While Google sees the Google Chrome laptop as an up and coming device, many other manufacturers see the alternatives, like tablets, as the trend for the future. The Google Chrome laptop features the Google Chrome OS and uses apps for task completion. Everything being stored in the cloud still remains a hot issue, but many have found it convenient and quite secure. The Google Chrome laptops come in a wide range of prices. The least costly units start out at $199USD, and the most expensive (the Chromebook Pixel) comes in at a hefty $1,300USD.

Many manufacturers are pursuing Android platform laptops for release in the future. The Android platform has proven quite popular among those who are purchasing tablets. While the iPad and iPad mini remain on top of the sales charts, several other Android tablets are catching up in number. The Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus and Samsung tablets are hot sellers and continue to gain popularity.

Laptops like the Google Chromebook and tablets are locked in a duel for global supremacy. These gadgets are high priced investments in our portfolio of devices which enable us to communicate with one another and help us reach our goals. Gadgets which are so important deserve protection like gadget cover. Gadget insurance aids in the protection of our devices against theft and accidental damage. It is affordable and can be purchased online with a short application process. Nothing else is able to protect our gadgets as effectively as gadget insurance.–