Electronic devices have become a large part of everyday life. There are so many functions available that relying on our devices has become almost second nature. They help keep our schedules straight, communicate with colleagues and family, and offer thousands of resources for information to enrich our lives. To that, the app was born. Apps allow us to work with the iOS and Android platforms more effectively. Apps are portals which enable our devices to tap into mainstream software of today. For example, weather station apps allow us to be informed of precious forecast information within the area we will be in. Apps are valuable and becoming more so as electronic gadgets become faster and even more integrated into everyday life.

Google recently named its list of best apps of the year for 2012. Here is a sample from that list:

• Zappos

• Pinterest

• Expedia

• Pocket

• Ancestry

• Mint.com Personal Finance

• Pixlr Express

These apps allow us to shop, discover ancestors from centuries before us, and share pictures of personal interest. They enhance the electronic gadget experience and make our devices that much more valuable. This value is just a small part of the overall value of our personal electronic devices. These devices are relied upon by millions of people every hour of every day. This is just one reason to make the wise choice of insuring our devices as soon as the device is purchased.

Life in public is brutal. Not only do we as people take a beating, but the devices we carry do as well. We are unable to predict the future or ever have an idea when an accident might happen to us involving our electronic devices. For this reason, gadget insurance is a must. It is an inexpensive way to protect our big investments from accidental damage and theft. We must ask ourselves, do we really want to leave our devices open to damage by simply taking them out into public? The answer to this question is an emphatic, no.

Just as gadgets require the best apps to get the most out of them as useful tools, protecting these gadgets with reliable cover should never be overlooked as well. The cost of gadget insurance is only a few pounds per month. To make the insuring process easy, a monthly withdraw can be set up when the insurance is purchased. Billing can be done on a once a year, once a quarter, or monthly basis. For peace of mind few things could be easier.

Our electronic gadgets are just short of necessary to reach our potential every day. For some, that is even an understatement. They are relied upon to stay in contact with necessary people throughout the day with no other option available. Gadget cover helps us stay focused on the important tasks at hand without interruption. Accidental damage and theft are unfortunately part of life for electronic devices. Gadget insurance is the only way to protect these high cost investments which are such an integral part of our lives.–