GoPro adds GoPro Fusion to its camera family

GoPro is the brand we first think about when it comes to action cameras. Whether it’s for death-defying stunts, incredible sporting moments or simply capturing breath-taking underwater photos, GoPro cameras have become a must-have accessory for anyone and everyone.

You only have to have a look at the company’s social sites to see how popular this brand is – with over 4.5 million YouTube subscribers, more than 10 million Facebook likes and 12.1 million Instagram followers.

And now the company is tapping into the world of VR, with the announcement of its latest camera – the GoPro Fusion. So, what can you expect from GoPro’s newest camera?

GoPro Fusion features

VR is here to stay and it is set to become an even more common feature of our everyday lives.

And it seems that, not only is GoPro looking to get into the world of VR, it also wants to make this tech available to everyone.

In a blog post on the GoPro website, the company’s senior product manager of spherical solutions, Jess Foley, described the camera as being able to capture “fully immersive virtual reality content, non-VR video, and even photos.”

The Fusion is a spherical device, able to capture 5.2K resolution VR and non-VR videos and photos. The company’s founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman said the device is “six GoPro cameras fused into one” and explained that it “represents the state-of-the-art in versatile spherical capture.”

This use of six cameras will give the Fusion the feeling of being an all-seeing camera, meaning users won’t have to worry about framing shots or trying to make sure the most interesting things they see are caught on camera.

GoPro is referring to this ability to record moments in all directions and then go back and choose the composition as OverCapture, or reframing. This new mode will enable users to create high-quality non-VR video and photos that have been “punched out from the spherically captured angles.”

As Foley puts it: “It’s like having a camera team with you when you shoot, capturing your primary and b-roll footage. From there, you have the flexibility in post-production to pick and share all sides of your story in conventional HD.”

So, when can you get your hands on the newest GoPro and how much will it cost you?

Well, we don’t actually know yet. At the same time as the product reveal, the company opened applications to a Fusion ‘Pilot Programme’ that is open to professional content creators, brands and agencies who want to test the camera out.

According to Engadget, GoPro is planning for a limited commercial release set for the end of 2017, but it is yet to reveal its pricing and exact availability.

One thing we can assume is that it will likely cost more than the Hero models, so you might want to start saving now.

However, there is some good news in the finance department, as Techradar reports that the camera will be compatible with all existing GoPro mounts and a number of additional handheld accessories.


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