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How to recycle your mobile phone

Whether you’ve dropped your phone one too many times or just fancy the very latest upgrade, simply sticking it in a drawer and buying a new one is never the best option. A great idea that’s both better for the environment and for your cash flow is to recycle your old handset. Read on for our easy guide to recycling your old phones.

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Benefits of mobile phone recycling

There are many reasons why choosing to recycle your old mobile phone is the best option.

  • It’s good for the environment
    The manufacture of modern mobile phones involves many valuable components and rare materials. If you recycle then these can be used again, even if your phone no longer works. Recycling campaigners estimate that around 80% of a phone can be recycled, saving valuable resources from going to landfill. It also stops toxic chemicals from leaching into the ground and causing environmental damage.
  • It’s good for your pocket
    Recycling your phone can often net you a tidy sum as there’s a big market for second-hand gadgets. What a great way to put some money aside for your next phone purchase!
  • It’s good for other phone users
    If you’ve arranged the best mobile phone insurance and kept up a regular cleaning and maintenance routine, your mobile phone should still have plenty of life left in it. This is great news for other people looking for a good second-hand phone at a decent price.

What to do before recycling your mobile phone

An absolute must before recycling your phone is to delete all of your personal information from it. First download any photos, videos or music you want to transfer to your new phone. Then perform a factory reset on your phone to delete any apps you’ve downloaded and wipe all your data. Double check you’ve removed any SIM or memory cards before handing your handset over for recycling.

Forgetting to do this could leave you open to snoopers and cyber criminals who could easily access your sensitive data and even your private accounts. Protecting your business and personal life is vital in our modern, digital age.

What are the best mobile phone recycling options?

There are a number of options worth considering depending on the age, condition and model of your mobile phone.

Online recycling websites

There are lots of companies offering to give you easy cash for your old handset. Some even allow you to donate the money to charity, while others give you cash for even broken phones!

However, many of these companies will refurbish and then resell your phone. So you’ll obviously get a better price for popular recent models in good condition.

If you’re looking for a straightforward option then these sites are pretty good. Simply go on their website and enter your phone’s details and they’ll give you a quote. If you accept the price offered then you’ll receive a padded envelope or prepaid postage label to send them the phone. If your phone is valuable then it might be worth paying for recorded delivery as often the freepost options don’t include insurance.

Be prepared that the recycling company might reduce their offer once they receive the handset. You can either accept this or choose to have the phone returned, although you might need to pay the return postage.

The recycling market is very competitive and there are a bewildering array of companies offering this service. Always check online reviews and make sure you’re using someone reputable. Here are a selection of some of the leading recycling sites:

O2 Recycle

EE Recycle

Giffgaff Recycle



Mazuma Mobile

If you’re wondering who pays the most then there’s really no easy answer. Prices can vary depending on what handset you’re offering and its exact specifications. To find out the best price then check out some of the comparison sites. The three most popular are Compare My Mobile, Compare & Recycle and Sell My Mobile.

If you’ve got other devices lurking unused in the back of a drawer somewhere then it’s worth dusting them off, too. Mobile recyclers are interested in a range of gadgets that could bring you a tidy sum. It’s also worth seeing if the rest of the family might want to get money for old devices at the same time.

Charity shops

If you’re not interested in selling your old phone to one of these recycling sites then another way of disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way is to donate it to a charity shop. Many charity shops will accept mobile phones for recycling or refurbishment in all conditions. So, not only could your donated phone help raise money for the charity but it might also be given to someone in need.

Charities who do this include Little Lives UK, Oxfam, and Scope. It’s also worth checking with local schools and community groups to see if they collect phones to raise money, too.

Local recycling centres

Any mobile phone can also be disposed of via your local council's 'small electricals' recycling bin at your local recycling centre. Find your nearest recycling locations and other ways to recycle on the website for national recycling campaign Recycle Now.

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