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How to transfer your data to your Xbox One X

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It is being heralded as the world’s most powerful console, so it should come as no surprise that gamers want to get the most from their Xbox One X – after all, they’ve waited long enough!

Whether your console has already arrived or you’re eagerly awaiting the delivery, here’s how you can transfer files from your Xbox One or Xbox One S to your new Xbox One X:

First things first, you need to pre-download Xbox One X patches to your existing console. Save yourself the time of downloading the patches later, and download them onto your existing device now.

To do this, bring up the sidebar menu by pressing the central Xbox button, select Settings > Systems > Backup and transfer.

Here, there’ll be an option to Download 4K game content. Tick this box and back to the System menu and select Updates. Tick the box that says Keep my games and apps up to date.

If you already have an Xbox One or an Xbox One S, you can transfer your data from your old console, to your new Xbox One X.

You can either do this with an external hard drive, or over your home network.


Hard drive

To use an external hard drive, plug it into a spare USB port, and confirm you’re happy for the console to format it. Tech Radar warns that will erase previous files stored on the hard drive.

Then go to Settings > System > Storage. Click Internal > Transfer and select the games you want to back up or Select All. Bear in mind that the Xbox One X has a 1TB limit. Either press Copy selected or Move selected to move them over.

To back up your console’s main settings, go back to the Home screen and go Settings > System > Backup and Transfer and select Backup to the device.

Plug your hard drive into a free USB port on your new Xbox One X before you turn the console on, and it will automatically recognise the hard drive. Select Load settings to let the device import everything onto your new console.


Home network

To use your local network, you’ll need to turn on both consoles and, to speed it up, have them hard-wired into your router.

Access the Xbox guide on your Xbox One and select Settings > System > Backup and transfer and select the Network transfer option, then tick the option Allow network transfer.

Make sure you’ve gone through the initial setup process on your Xbox One X and head to the same Backup and transfer menu and then you should see your previous console under Local consoles, on the right of the screen.

Select your old Xbox One and you can either select individual titles and data or tick the box next to Select all. Then select Copy selected to begin the copying process.

Happy gaming!

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