Snapchat Snap Maps

How to turn off Snapchat’s Snap Maps

It’s only been a few weeks since Snapchat introduced its new feature, Snap Maps, but it has already caused quite a controversy.

The feature is an opt-in function that allows users to share their location with friends on a map. The map not only shows what street you’re on, it shows where exactly you are on that street. By using data, such as your location, speed of travel and phone usage, it can work out where you are and what you’re doing.

However, if users aren’t careful, Snap Map will broadcast your exact location to all of your Snapchat friends every single time you open the app.

Many people are worried about the safety implications this could have on young people using the app. The app’s Terms of Service state that under-13s aren’t allowed to create an account, but there isn’t yet an age verification barrier, so it isn’t impossible for younger children to create an account.

But even if you’re not a young child, the thought of broadcasting your exact location every time you use the app can be off-putting.

Are you already using Snap Maps?

The good news is that you’ll have to opt-in for Snap Maps to work. In order to do this, you’ll need the latest version of the app, and pinch the home screen to activate Snap Maps. Numerous notifications will then ask you to sign up to Snap Maps. If you’ve gone through this process, you’ll be using Snap Maps.

How to turn Snap Maps off

If the novelty of Snap Maps has worn off, you can turn on Ghost Mode, which will delete your last known location and stop people from seeing your future ones too.

To do this, pinch the screen in the main Snapchat menu to access Snap Maps, then pinch with two fingers to be pulled out to your location on a map. Tap the cog icon in the top right-hand corner, for the Settings menu, and switch on Ghost Mode.

This process won’t stop Snapchat being able to see your location. If you don’t want the app to know this information, you’ll need to head to the Settings menu of your Android or iOS device and turn off the app’s permission to see where you are. Doing this will stop you from accessing some of Snapchat’s features.

You can also choose specific friends you want to share your location with, instead of it being broadcast to all of your friends on Snapchat.

To do this, head to the same settings screen as Ghost Mode and in the Select Friends menu you can tap on the people you’d like to share your location with.

But remember, unless you’ve switched on Ghost Mode, edited who can see your location or turned off the app’s permission to see your location, the app will share where you are with everyone every time you use Snapchat.

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