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Computex is one of the world’s largest computer and technology trade shows and takes place in Taiwan every year.

Here are some of the latest announcements from this year’s show:

Intel reveals dual-screen design concepts

As The Verge reports, Intel has been working on a dual-screen laptop for the last two years. While it doesn’t seem like they’ll be releasing any dual-screen devices onto the market just yet, Intel has taken Computex as an opportunity to start showing off some of their design concepts.

The first prototype has electronic paper displays (EPD) and looks more like a Moleskin notebook than a traditional laptop. It has a hinge in the middle to close the two screens flat.

The second prototype uses two regular displays and is similar in design to Lenovo’s Yoga Book. If users want to use the device in laptop-like mode, a keyboard can be displayed on one of the screens.

Asus reveals gaming phone with a fan

Asus revealed its first Android-powered smartphone, produced under the brand of Republic of Gamers. And, as you may have guessed, this phone is designed specifically for gamers.

In order to help games run more smoothly, the 6-inch AMOLED screen displays 90 frames per second. It comes with a range of gaming accessories, such as the clip-on Gamevice controller giving users console-like controls and the clip-on fan that helps to cool the phone down during long periods of use.

While The Verge reported it to be the “highest-specced Android phone ever”, BBC News noted that Android does not have a huge amount of games available that can take full advantage of the hardware. However, now there’s a phone out there with such high specs, maybe more developers will bring out Android games.

Asus Project Precog

Intel wasn’t the only one to unveil a dual-screen laptop at Computex. Currently known as Project Precog, the second screen from Asus has been designed to act as a smart keyboard whilst also being able to display apps and videos. Powered by AI, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding Project Precog and it seems like we won’t have long to wait to get our hands on one as the company revealed it hopes to release the device in 2019.

Lenovo’s Z5 smartphone

Not every product at Computex garnered as much excitement as the ones mentioned above. While many were eagerly anticipating seeing Lenovo’s Z5 smartphone, many have said the actual reveal was “disappointing”.

The company shared images in May that seemed to suggest the device would be a truly “all screen” phone but the front actually had both the notch and the chin still present, leading critics to say that the company had posted “misleading images”.

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