LG G6 News and Release Date

LG G6 News and Release Date

Apple and Samsung might dominate the smartphone market, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great phones out there that are worthy of your attention.

One phone in particular that is generating a lot of excitement is the LG G6. Its predecessor, the G5, might have been disappointing when it came to the basics, but the two rear cameras and accessory slot showed that LG wasn’t afraid to think outside the box. This has many believing the G6 has plenty of potential.

Alongside the ever-present rumour mill, LG itself has been releasing information about what we can expect to see in its latest flagship smartphone:

Features and design

The latest teaser, straight from LG, suggests that the phone will feature a new generation of AI assistant on board.

The teaser reads: “Less artificial. More intelligence. The next generation smartphone, brought to you first by LG.”

Many believe this means the G6 will feature Google’s upgraded AI, while others think it points to Amazon’s Alexa. The company has already used that assistant in other (non-phone) devices after all.

However, there are some in the industry that wonder whether LG will be bringing a whole new AI assistant to the game – the teaser does mention bringing it first and Google Assistant has already been used by Google’s Pixel, while Alexa has been used by Huawei Mate 9.

When it comes to its display, the top rumours suggest it will have a large 5.7-in Quad HD display, with minimal bezels around the screen, and an ultra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio – making it perfect for split-screen apps.

There haven’t actually been any camera rumours yet, but many are expecting LG to stick with two rear cameras, as it did with the G5. Leaked renders also seem to suggest this will be the case. The rear-facing standard 16-megapixel lens and the additional 8-megapixel wide-angle lens were, for many, the best features of the G5 so it would be a surprise if LG were to go back to having just one lens.

If you felt the design of the LG G5 left a lot to be desired, then perhaps the more stylish look of the G6 will tempt you. Leaks suggest a more luxurious look and solid build, however, it is not clear yet whether the phone will feature a tempered glass back or a highly reflective metallic material.

Release date

LG is set to launch the G6 at its press conference at MWC 2017, scheduled for 26 February.

While there has been no official release date, rumours suggest it will arrive on US carriers on 7 April, with the UK date set to be around the same. The G5 was announced in February and released in April, so it seems like LG will be sticking with a similar timeframe.


There have been so many rumours about how much the LG G6 is going to cost that it’s hard to know which one is right. Looking back at previous prices for LG flagships, Trusted Reviews believes consumers can expect the smartphone to be north of £500.

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