LG V30 – All you need to know

LG V30 – All you need to know

Samsung and Apple might still reign supreme in the smartphone markets, but many companies are closing the gap on the two tech giants, producing and launching premium handsets.

LG’s smartphones have been a real contender in the saturated smartphone market, and the company’s next device, the V30, is generating a lot of excitement.

According to Digital Trends, LG’s V series is now considered to be the company’s flagship over its G-series, as they are often more interesting and have strong processors and more interesting features. So, what can we expect from the V30?


LG is keeping quiet on the design of the V30, waiting until the launch to unveil the device. However, it has confirmed some elements of the phone.

One of the confirmed features of the device is a curved, 6-in, QHD+ OLED Full Vision display. This display will be bigger and brighter than the LG G6’s display. Many also believe this device will be heavily focused on virtual reality, as the company had previously said that its next flagship smartphone (which many believe will be the V30) would be “ideal for VR”.

LG has also confirmed that the handset will feature a dual camera setup, much like the LG G6 and the V20.

A press release sent out by the company has revealed that the phone will have “an F1.6 aperture camera and glass lens in the dual camera”. This means the V30 will be the world’s first smartphone to have an F1.6 aperture camera. This lets in more light, resulting in cleaner images when shooting in poor lighting conditions.

LG has also given us a glimpse of the phone’s UI. The new UX 6.0+ interface has been designed for the 18:9 OLED display, and has a simplistic design. This new UI features a Floating Bar feature, and the company calls this semi-transparent bar an evolution of the second screen functionality that was unveiled in last year’s LG V20.

Release date

The company has confirmed that the LG V30 will be launched on 31 August. The previous models, the V10 and the V20, weren’t available in the UK and, while there is still no guarantee the V30 will be released here, the launch is taking place at the IFA 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Many people believe this might suggest a European release for the phone.

In fact, as Tech Radar reports, Android Authority was supplied with an internal document that suggests a European launch date of 28 September.


There’s no official price, but many aren’t expecting it to be cheap. It might not be a flagship phone, but there’s no denying the LG V30 will be a premium device. For that reason, rumours suggest it will cost around $700 (£537).

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