Nowadays, millions of people don’t even consider their work-life balance. New gadgets and technologies have made it easy for people to intertwine their personal and work lives with ease, in many cases benefiting both their own careers and their employer’s business.

Some are critical of this state of affairs, but many workers and professionals are more than happy with the growing confusion between people’s working lives and home lives. But Samsung Electronics has recently pointed out that there are security implications to this ‘work-life blend’ that many may be unaware of.

A study of 4,500 European workers by the tech giant found that 77% of people perform work-related tasks in their personal time, with 75% conducting personal tasks during work hours. The 1,000 UK workers involved in the Samsung study were less likely to blend their working and personal lives than the European average, but the majority of respondents were still doing so, with 65% doing personal tasks while at work and 62% doing work tasks at home. Across Europe, Italians were the most likely to blend work and life, with 90% working outside of work hours and 86% performing personal chores at work.

Smartphones have played a considerable role in this growing trend, with 41% of respondents using the same smartphone for personal and work purposes. And combining work and home-life in this way isn’t a problem for a lot of people; 28% of UK respondents said doing so reduces their stress levels, with 34% saying it enables them to better handle their personal tasks.

But many people are unaware of what to do to ensure the security of confidential work information when handling it in their personal time. More than one third (36%) of Brits polled said they use personal devices for work-related purposes without knowing or caring whether they are permitted to do so, while 67% of UK workers said they do not know if their employer has a mobile security policy, that they are unaware of this policy or that they actively disregard it. These failings could see important documentation disclosed publicly and could even see businesses breaching data protection regulations.

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