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Top Tech Launches in 2017

Top tech launches in 2017 Christmas is over and as we head back to work, we need something to help us get through the remaining cold and dark winter days. Your

Tips and Tricks for Apple Music

Tips and tricks for Apple Music Music streaming services are fast becoming the way we listen to and find music, whether we're at home or on the go. If you have

Super Mario Run Release

‘Super Mario Run’ Release Mobile gaming has become a constant part of life, where it wins is the ease of use and pick up and play element.  You already own a

Best New Gadgets for Him

Best new gadgets for him Every year, Christmas seems to come around quicker. And every year we vow to be more organised and start our Christmas shopping earlier, but life always

The Best Christmas Gadgets for Kids

The best Christmas gadgets for kids With so many people to buy presents for, Christmas shopping can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, the children in your lives help you out by

PlayStation VR Headset Release

PlayStation VR Headset Release VR has been a buzzword for a while now, but unlike 3D TVs, it's safe to say that this trend is here to stay. There might already

Our favourite retro Games

With the launch of PokémonGO taking the world by storm and it appealing to our need for nostalgia, we at Gadget Cover thought we'd take a look back to the 90's and pick

Our Top 5 Budget Bluetooth Headphones

The news that Apple are going to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack (from the iPhone) last week got people slightly angered. You may remember we reported on this but back in January 2016:

An emergence of E-sports?

If you grew up in the 90's the chances are that you grew up with shows like GamesMaster and Robot Wars, shows that let you watch other people playing computer games and controlling Robots that fought against each other. This

Have you found the Secret game on Facebook Messenger?

Secret game on Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger is growing its user numbers and adapting its functionality. One little secret is a hidden game within the App to celebrate American College Basketball's March Madness tournament. To access the game make sure you

Best Video Games Ever?

Best Video Games Ever? Following the news that PS4 will be able to support PS2 games through advanced emulation (yes, this is true!). We got thinking about the best video games ever and which ones changed the way we play

Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Gaming?

Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Gaming? Gaming has evolved massively over the last twenty years. We remember blowing Sega cartridges to make them work, being in awe using discs on the first PlayStation, using a headset to talk to

20 Popular 1980’s Gadgets We All Love!

It was the 80's that tech really began to become fun! Innovative gadgets and toys slowly were introduced into our lives and we started to be fixated on owning the latest and greatest. We run down the 20 most popular

10 Childhood Gadgets We Want Back

As you can probably tell, we love Gadgets and Technology, it impacts our lives in fantastic ways, especially during our childhood! Here we list the Gadgets of yesteryear that we so desperately want to see again! 1.  The Sega Mega

Virtual Reality Gear – Top and Upcoming Models

Virtual reality simulates the real and artificial environment using software that makes the user accept it as a real environment. Clothing like data gloves or suits, devices such as joysticks and equipment like helmets, head mounted displays or virtual reality

What Is Virtual Reality Gear?

Virtual reality gears are gaining popularity in the tech world. Virtual reality gears are getting lots of gamers and entertainment enthusiasts excited because of their added features and use of different senses. The virtual reality goggle which is one of

What do your headphones say about you?

Walk into any music store and you won't fail to notice a whole section devoted to headphones. The wide variety of headphones available in the market is amazing, with as much discussion of how you listen to music as what

The top gadgets for fitness freaks

Everyone loves to listen to music while exercising – well, the brain has to have something to do while the body pounds the pavement, doesn't it?  So here's a selection of the best gadgets to help keep every fitness fanatic