When going to a concert, you will naturally want to bring your mobile phone out with you, allowing you to find friends after the event, take photographs or record videos of the band, and arrange transport to get back home. However, mobile phones are frequently stolen at concerts, and the best way you can protect yourself from this danger is to take out mobile phone insurance with Gadget Cover, so you can receive a replacement phone as quickly as possible after the theft.

madnessOn Sunday September 22nd, ska legends Madness played in front of around 12,000 people in Northampton’s County Ground, and while the venue was a House of Fun for the vast majority of attendants, criminals also attended the concert to take advantage of the festivities.

The Northampton Chronicle reported that at least 13 people had their phones stolen at the event, with the police revealing that some people also had money and cash taken from them. St James resident Leanne Francis told the newspaper that she believed the thefts were committed by an organised gang, saying that although Madness were “brilliant”, a “few idiots” ruined the atmosphere for a lot of attendants.

It appears that criminals were dipping their hands in concert-goers’ Baggy Trousers, turning the event into a Grey Day for a lot of Madness fans.

While Gadget Cover’s smartphone insurance will help you deal with the aftermath of a mobile phone theft, if you want to go one step beyond in protecting your gadgets, you should:

Store your phone in a safe place during the concert, such as in an inside pocket.

Do not take it out to photograph the band members or record videos – thieves will be looking out for people with high-end smartphones. If you really want to take videos or photographs, try to be discreet.