Many automobile manufacturers have included technology in their vehicles that enables them to connect with iPods, other mp3 players, and smartphones, but it’s important to remember that there are inherent risks involved with playing with gadgets in the car and that doing so could lead to a road traffic accident.


So how can drivers ensure their safety when playing mp3s in their car?

– Be aware that it’s illegal to drive while not in control of your vehicle. While mobile phone handsets without hands-free kits are explicitly forbidden, drivers who are seen to lose control of their vehicle when fiddling with a gadget can still face criminal sanctions.

– Ask a passenger to take control of the mp3 player and any other in-car devices so you can focus on the road.

– If you’re playing your mp3s through a smartphone, do not use this device to watch videos, surf the internet, or send text messages while driving.

– Only fiddle with in-car mp3 players when the car has come to a halt and it is safe to do so. Pull over or enter a service station if necessary.

Despite the fact that the use of some gadgets while driving is still legal, worldwide evidence shows that entertainment devices can still lead to car accidents by causing driver distraction and increasing reaction times. Simply complying with mobile phone laws does not necessarily make you a safe driver, and using gadgets while behind the wheel could till lead to a conviction for dangerous or careless driving.

While Gadget Cover try to offer the most comprehensive mp3 player insurance possible, we cannot insure you against road traffic accidents caused by handheld devices, and your car insurance policy may also not cover you if you are driving illegally at the time of the accident. Don’t allow mp3 players to distract you when behind the wheel; the potential consequences are not worth it.

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