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Must-have DSLR accessories

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The festive season is just around the corner, so it’s time to start writing those Christmas lists.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or keen to master the art, there are some key accessories you need to help you capture the best shots. Make sure these are top of your wish-list this Christmas:


Decent camera bag

Not only will a camera bag help to protect your camera, it will also make it easier to transport it when you’re travelling between locations.

While you might only start off with a camera and a couple of lenses, this will undoubtedly grow over time, so invest in a bigger bag that will be able to accommodate everything.

It’s better to have too much space than not enough!


Extra battery

If you don’t already have an extra battery, this should be top of your list. You never realise how helpful an additional battery is until you find yourself in need of one, so make sure you don’t get caught out.

Photography Life also notes that batteries don’t last as long in cold temperatures, so it will be particularly handy as we head into the winter months.



When you just need a fill-in flash from time to time, your camera’s built-in flash will be fine. But if you need a bit more power, get yourself a dedicated flashgun.

Flashguns also enable you to alter the quality of the light and play around with lighting, as you can tilt and swivel the head.


Wide-angle zoom lens

While your standard ‘kit’ lens has a lot of capabilities, any photographer will end up adding to their lens collection.

From landscapes, to close-ups, an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens provides a view almost twice as wide as the kit lens, giving you more room to get creative.


Protective filters

No matter how careful you are, accidents can always happen. Save yourself the pain of a hefty repair bill with protection filters.

These filters, which are completely clear, won’t affect your images, but will help protect the front of your expensive lenses.

As the front element of lenses can vary in size, make sure you have enough filters to fit all your lenses.



A tripod is essential if you want to capture landscape, low-light, or night photography.

Opting for cheap tripods can end up costing you more in the long-run, so make the investment by going for a more expensive option.

And make sure it can handle more than the weight of your camera and lens – you don’t want your expensive DSLR camera to fall from a cheap tripod.


Lens cleaning kit

A finger mark can ruin a great shot, but don’t be tempted to wipe it away with your sleeve. A lens cleaning kit will provide you with all the tools you need to keep your lenses in tiptop condition – and nothing will make you feel like more of a pro than a blower brush.


Remote shutter release

To get the most out of your tripod, make sure you ask for a remote shutter release. This will enable you to capture photos without touching the camera, reducing the risk of blurry images.

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