The Gadget Show Live is now in full swing at the NEC Birmingham. Gadgets and gizmos galore are available to try out and of course, purchase. The biggest and best makers from around the world are in attendance to showcase all their latest creative efforts. Tickets are now sold out online for Saturday and Sunday, but can be purchased at the door. The show has been a tremendous success and allows the everyday consumer to see just what the future holds as far as gadgets are concerned. Lenovo, Alpine, JVC, LG, and others headline the event and there is something for everyone to try out and experience first-hand. There are many fascinating gadgets, but these were found to be quite interesting. Here are some of the must-haves from Gadget Show 2013.

Cat Genie – this is just what every house cat needs. For the cat that has everything, the Cat Genie can provide a way to use the restroom and not worry about the cleanup. Cats can now take care of their business and assist their owners at the same time.

Honda Lawn Mower – Honda has designed a way to take the hassle out of mowing the lawn. Their automated lawn mower simply mows the area which has been outlined by buried wire in the yard. Now there is no reason for all lawns to ever be looking shaggy and longer than they need to be. For those suffering from hay fever, there is now a solution. And for those who would like to mow the yard at night, here you go. The mower also is safe in that it shuts itself off in the case it gets turned over.

Lenovo Ultrabook – the latest laptops are here and some of them are coming from the company Lenovo. Touchscreen technology combined with the latest processor speeds adds up to one dynamite package. Lenovo and other companies are making the mouse for many computers a thing of the past and the speeds of these computers are putting anything else to shame. Goodbye immobile workspace and hello to the latest laptops and other computers from Lenovo.

Toyota Marangoni sports car – wow, this little bit of fire is the latest creation from Toyota. It is a green car and is green to the max, sporting zero emissions. The company claims the car takes only 5 pounds per 100 miles to run. The car utilizes ammonia fuel cell technology and carries a whopping 220 horsepower. It is a true sports car, but can also be considered quite green.

Damson Oyster wireless speaker – this little piece of high tech is surely going to pick up the energy at the next outdoor or indoor party. University students will surely want to carry this around in their car just in case a gig breaks out. It combines wireless connectivity with big sound.

All these items are not inexpensive toys and require a little investment. Gadget insurance is not something to forget about when thinking about buying any of these types of items. It is affordable at any package type and has multiple payment plans available. How could a few pounds per month protect anything more valuable? Gadget insurance is the most effective way to protect any electronic device.

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