Interaction hands using mobile apps, concept mobile appsApple’s much awaited new operating system iOS 8 was released to the market on 17th September 2014. While most of the features of iOS 8 are similar to the iOS 7, the manufacturer has also bundled it up with several new features, thereby making it a popular choice for buyers.

Below is a quick look at the top 5 brilliant new features of iOS 8 that makes it different from its predecessors:

1. Battery Life: Apple’s latest release has resolved the most common problem of battery life of the device. It is now possible to identify those programs consuming the maximum amount of battery, thus draining the battery fast. To check the list of the applications operating in the background, go to Settings > General > Usage and check the Battery Usage.

2. Multiple Emails and minimizing: Quite a handy feature for those Apple users who like to stay on top of their emails even while on the move. The new version of iOS allows the user to seamlessly open multiple emails one after another. You can view these emails in different windows and switch from one email to another, without needing to close any of them.

3. Predictive Typing and choice of third-party keyboards: You can now type your mails and messages faster by using the predictive feature of the keyboard that is inbuilt into the Apple device. By paying a nominal charge you can also download  third-party keyboards like Swype  and then be able to enjoy swiping to enter your text faster.

4. Spotlight Search: Apple has offered an improvised version of the Spotlight. The spotlight search can be activated by a simple swipe down on your homepage. It also searches Wikipedia, nearby locations, restaurants, and many more. Cool, right?

5. Enjoy Selfies with Camera Timer button: Now here is good news for Selfie lovers! If you own the Apple iOS8, you can now also enjoy the comfort of taking easy selfies every time. Just keep the phone on a steady platform and concentrate on that perfect smile, as the phone takes a burst of photos in a self-set timer mode of 3 to 10 seconds. Happy selfie!