Laptop insurance is vital if you are to reduce the stress of a lost or stolen laptop, but a project Intel is working on could minimise the anxiety of this experience even further.

The Wireless Credential Exchange (WCE) will use Monza Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to monitor and track IT products, including laptops, desktops and medical equipment, and could also be used to shut them down with a ‘killswitch’ should they go missing.

Intel will write to an RFID chip, and will then be able to access this data regardless of if the device is powered on or off. This will give manufacturers the ability to disable products when they are sent to shipping and reactivate them once they arrive at their destination, and could also give consumers the ability to shut down and lock any lost or stolen devices remotely with little hassle.

The WCE will also enable the creation of location-based access controls, preventing devices from being used when not in approved locations, and could monitor the movement of devices into and out of an area, providing users and businesses with an increased ability to protect their gadgets, and alerting them should their property be taken out of their hands.

Laptop breakdowns will also be less hassle, as the RFID could host maintenance data. When people send their laptop to be repaired, staff will only have to scan the RFID chip to find out what is wrong with it before sending it to the appropriate technician, all without powering on the device or even opening the box.

Intel is working with Burnside Digital, Technology Solutions UK and Impinj to create this innovative technology, which will be tied together with a software tool called IPTrak. Although this project is interesting and is full of potential, it’s only in the concept stage at the moment, and it’s unknown if or when the technology will become available.

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