You may be using a high-end phone from a renowned manufacturing company and may be satisfied with the features and services. However, there are chances that you have not heard of several other phone-manufacturing companies that are very popular in other countries and offer great features. Take a look at the list of such phone manufacturers:

1. Xioami: Xiaomi is a smart phone manufacturing company that specializes in devices with Android operating system. The company manufactures and sells several versions of mobile like Redmi 1.5, 2, Redmi Note, MI3, MI4 and MI Note. Xioami is still not a very popular brand in many countries, but manufactures phones with unique designs that deliver considerable performance. The latest version of Xioami is MI4, and is popular for great quality phones with good battery life.

2. One Plus One: The phone offers 5.5” full high-definition display and a 13-mega pixel camera packed with performance comparable to Samsung Galaxy S5 and that too at a much cheaper price. Manufactured in China, the company ships the phone in only 16 countries, including the US, UK and several other European countries. Snapdragon 801 processors drive the phone and 3 GB RAM for greater processing speed.

3. BlackPhone: A smart phone built primarily to help maintain the user privacy and secure the phone from data theft. The phone runs on the Android operating system and helps to maintain a work and life balance. The user can create different silent spaces or private areas within the phone giving you secure access to each area without interfering with the others.

4. Amazon Fire Phone: Fire phone from Amazon is a smart phone to experience the dynamic perspective. Users can access the menu and information using different motions like tilt, swivel and peek. The Firefly technology in the phone helps to identify phone numbers, email address and other details from brochure and posters. It can additionally identify the songs to find an artist and genre details; and using X-Ray powered by IMDb the phone can find actor and other information from movies. Some of the awesome phone feature includes 13 MP camera and image stabilization for superb picture quality.

5. Oppo Find 7: Manufactured in China, Oppo has several features like 5.5” quality display, 2560×1440 Quad HD Screen and Gorilla Glass 3 technologies. A 13 MP rear camera generates high-quality pictures. You can also create GIF animations within the phone and instantly share with family and friends. Its specially designed system prevents the phone from heating up and after charging the mobile battery for just five minutes, the phone is ready for use for up to two hours.