The latest Nokia Lumia smartphone has just been cleared by the Federal Communications Commission – the 720. This phone is Nokia’s latest in an effort to boost market share and complement the Nokia Lumia 520. For a short time, questions arose whether this model would make it to the shores of the US. In all likelihood that roadblock has been overcome, and with great enthusiasm. The phone will carry the same features as the world release version of the phone, and will continue to be the thinnest phone in the Nokia line.

Smartphones are ever changing and improving, and the Nokia 720 is another great example of that. As Apple, Samsung and HTC continue to lead the market in total number of phones being taken from the global shelves, Nokia is following on their heals with improving technology and features of their own. The WVGA display on the 720 is quite sharp at 4.3 inches. The camera on board is quite capable at 6.7 Mp and the processor is equipped with more than enough speed (1GHz) to quickly navigate through any app available. The RAM is also substantial at 512MB.

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