Depositphotos_18639807_sToday’s smartphone market is dominated by the iOS phones and the Android-based handsets, which is nothing new. The Nokia Windows-based phone is trailing far behind as far as market share goes, but don’t be deceived. The Nokia phones provide many features which are competitive with the Android and iOS systems at sometimes a small percentage of the price. The latest Nokia phones available are the Lumia 520 and 720. At the recent Mobile World Congress, the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop, unveiled these two smartphones with hopes to continue to make an impact on their niche within the market. These two Nokia models of phones are further examples of how important gadget insurance is when toting around these valuable devices. They are exposed to many factors which we take for granted on a daily basis. Weather and accidental damage are just two issues which can protect these sensitive mini computers.

The Nokia phones continue to step out of the box on initial glance of these phones. The exterior of the phones are wrapped in a vibrant color not typically seen on any small electronic device. Yellow, blue and pink are three bright options which are available and the 520 is still available with interchangeable covers. The exterior of smartphones and other mobile devices take a beating every time they are brought into the outdoors. They are handled and then handled some more. It does not take long to realize these exteriors can become damaged quickly and without intention. Mobile phone insurance can help protect these devices for just a few pounds per month.

The Nokia Lumia screen sizes for the 520 and 720 are 4 inches and 4.3 inches. These screens are improved with the addition of Clearblack screen technology by Nokia. The screens also boast super sensitive touch which means operating the phones are no problem, even with gloves on.

Nokia Lumia phones are also preloaded with the Nokia Music app. A free music streaming service is available to users of these phones with playback of audio at a premium level.

For purchasers of the 720 Nokia model, wireless charging is quite a nice feature. Cables to juice up these devices will only be necessary for the 520 model. The hardware to charge each one of these devices will more than likely be thrown in for no charge on both models.

Storage is one of the strongest points of the Lumia phones. A microSD slot can be found on both the 520 and 720 which make 64GB worth of music, photos and more able to be stored on these devices. This makes the Lumia phones unique in that many other Windows handsets do not offer nearly the same amount of storage.

Nokia brings to the table two handsets which can compete on a global stage with the other premium brands. The low price of both models will be appealing to many, while the features will help sway many others. At the time of purchase, a wise consideration would be mobile phone insurance. These devices are not unlike any other which are taken out and about each day. They are exposed to possible theft and accidental damage, which can never be predicted.–