Perfect tech for pets

Technology is no longer just about giving us benefits and providing us with entertainment, there’s also now a whole host of tech for our furry friends. After all, our pets are a part of our family so why shouldn’t we treat them too?

Whether you’d like to keep an eye on them when you’re out, have ways to entertain them when you’re at work, or want to keep track of their fitness, we’ve got a roundup of all the best tech for your favourite four-legged friends:

Frolicat Bolt

The Bolt is the purrfect way to keep your cat entertained if you’re at work or simply too tired. The battery-powered interactive laser will randomly project laser patterns across the floor, along furniture and along walls.

As the movements are random, you may wish to make sure there are no breakables left in the room!


We have active trackers for ourselves so why shouldn’t we get one for our canine friends? After all, they run around a lot more than we do!

Through the use of a three-axis accelerometer, you can see how much your pooch walks, runs, plays and rests by connecting to its companion app.

If you want to know just how much exercise your pup should be getting, simply input the breed, weight and age of your dog and the device will do all the hard work for you — you’ll still have to be the one taking him out though!


Let’s be honest, repeatedly throwing a ball for your dog (if they bring it back) can get tiresome, but our pooches never seem to want to stop.

If your pup can’t get enough, invest in the iFetch – an automatic ball launcher that just made fetch so much easier.

Running off batteries or plugged into the mains, the launcher will shoot balls between three distances – 10ft, 20ft, 30ft – all you need to do is teach them to put the balls back in the launcher.


There are plenty of pet cameras that are an ideal way for owners to keep an eye on their pets when they’re at work (and they double up as excellent security cameras), but what sets the Petzi apart from others is that it dispenses treats.

The device has a wide-angle camera that is equipped with night vision and, via a Wi-Fi or stable 4G/3G connection, owners can view and speak to their pet and dispense treats. You can also remotely capture images of your pet.

Eyenimal Cat Videocam

Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to when they leave the house and roam the big outdoors? Well, haven’t we all?

With Eyenimal’s Cat Videocam you no longer have to wonder where they wander. This lightweight camera (weighing just 9g) attaches to your cat’s collar so you can see what they’ve been up to.

The camera has night vision with a battery life of up to three hours. It also has a movement detector so it knows to stop recording when your feline friend is taking a nap.

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