androidIf you or your family members don’t have unlimited data, you may find yourself running out of GBs regularly and possibly incurring hefty data charge bills. But you can reduce the data consumption of your smartphone with little effort.

Many Android apps continually use data, even when your screen is locked and the phone is on standby. This sees many people inadvertently going over their data limit even when they’re trying to avoid doing so.

So how can you minimise your data usage?

Only use Wi-Fi

You may be able to disable your mobile internet through your Settings page. If you turn this off, this will stop all mobile internet data, without disrupting your ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Mobile connectivity apps such as WhatsApp will not work if your phone is not connected to the internet.

Reduce the data consumption of your apps

If you don’t want to turn off mobile internet completely, then you may be able to reduce the data usage of your apps. You can then stop the apps from connecting to the internet or restrict their data consumption. Some smartphones will also enable you to set up an alarm that will warn you when your data consumption reaches chargeable levels.

Install a text-only browser

Lynx and TextOnly are two third-party browsers that remove all the images from websites and only download the text. This might make some websites a little clunky to visit, but it will dramatically curtail your data usage – you might find you can browse the internet as much as you like.

View mobile websites only

Many webmasters have created both desktop and mobile versions. Mobile versions are usually smaller and more compact, and will therefore consume less data. You can check if a website is optimised for mobile use by looking for an ‘m’ in the url. Websites should be able to tell if you are browsing on your smartphone and provide the mobile version accordingly, but this does not always work perfectly.

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